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  • Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine


    I have been presented with an opportunity to buy one of these second hand. Its 5 years old and has recently been serviced by Dimattina Coffee. It comes with a Nemox base level grinder (burr not blades) as well as commercial group handle, single and double filter basket, plastic coffee tamper, stainless steel jug. I have yet to view these items. As this would be my entry into "home expresso set ups" Im after advice regarding things I should check on the machine on inspection and advice regarding the value of this offer. Assistance for this noob would be greatly appreciated. Offer is $600.



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    Re: Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine

    I know this doesnt answer your questions, but I really cannot help myself here.

    Its spelt ESPRESSO




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      Re: Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine

      Well considering the expobar office rrp for around $2300 brand new Id say its a bargain with the grinder.  Throw away the plastic tamper and get a metal one that fits your basket.  Check out a Pullman. This is if its in good working order.  Read up on maintenance etc.


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        Re: Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine

        I have the Expobar Minore/Brewtus/Office Leva/?? Goodness knows how many names they have for it!

        It isnt the same, in so far as I can see. But the one thing I can tell you is that it is built to last and pretty darn easy to service if something does need attention.

        Expobars get a little bit of bad press for being not quite as well finished as Italian made machines - and that is true, to a degree. But I wouldnt let that bother you - they are nice machines!



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          Re: Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine

          Well, the Expobar Office Semi-Auto is listed on a sponsor page for $1550. The price you are looking at still represents good value (if the second hand unit is in reasonable to good condition), but make sure you are comparing the correct machine.
          Expobar make a few different models for the home market:
          Expobar Office Semi-auto - 1550
          Expobar Office control - 1799
          Expobar Office Leva - 2119
          Expobar Minore - 2499

          I have had the Minore II for over 5 years and have found it to be a great machine.

          Good luck.



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            Re: Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine

            Thanks for the feedback and the spelling lesson. I promise to write more bettera next time.

            The machine is equivalent in new condition to the $1500 office semi auto.

            Ive been advised the steam arm has had a tendency to run wet and makes it difficult to achieve good microfoam?

            Has anyone experience these traits on the older machines - say 5 years old?

            Thanks for your further assistance in advance.



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              Re: Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine

              Budget a few hours or nights for some serious cleaning, descaling and minor servicing, like shower screen and gasket. Also save some pennies for a tamper, cleaning powder, cloths, etc. Also include a water filter to protect your investment.

              I dont have an expobar, but perhaps the boiler level or pressure is set wrong? Too much water it not hot enough could make the steam wet.

              Empty the entire boiler into a Pyrex jug and look at the colour and content for particles. Unscrew the steam and / or he tip and check for particles. Look under the group and see if it looks cleaned. If the boiler water is cloudy it could be milk which means it needs a good clean, but dont confuse the normal hot water cloudiness. Even if it is in bad condition its pretty cheap, so you probably wont get much more off, but at least youll know what your in for.

              Also watch the pressure gauge and check it moves fast enough, or it could be blocked. And finally have a look inside for telltale signs of leaks, such as green powdery buildup or stains around the joins.

              I didnt do any of this and I had just about all those problems


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                Re: Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine

                Hi iaindb- wow- fantastic practical advice.

                Thanks for the feedback.



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                  Re: Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine

                  no probs - I hope you understood my portable device-written gibberish I dont have heaps of experience, but that should get you started. Just be sure to post picks when you get it!


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                    Re: Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine

                    I bought a machine similar to the one you are looking at (same machine, similar age) from a friend who was upgrading. It has performed excellently in the 2 years Ive had it. These were (and perhaps still are) the cheapest machines in their class and are great value even new. Until recently I was using a Lux grinder which is similar or identical to the one you mention. The Expobar probably deserves a better grinder (my Lux was stepped; something with stepless adjustment is a big improvment) but that could happen in the future if you feel that its required. Im not aware of any issues with "watery steam" - the only problem I have is when trying to steam 150 ml of milk for a small latte - too much steam power!

                    Id say that the asking price is very reasonable if theyre in good condition. It may be worth getting the items checked or serviced, or learn to service them yourself.

                    Heres a review of an early model of this Expobar (there were changes made after this):

                    Edit: on re-reading the original post - its just been serviced, Id say GO FOR IT. 

                    Also: theres no pressure guage to watch, so you wont be able to follow all of iaindbs advice.


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                      Re: Exobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine

                      To be honest I watch the gauge more to see if my machine is working fine than for any extraction purpose. I could live without it I really had to.

                      I got my E61 cheaper but had to service it fairly well, probably spent $150-200 on it so far. Was working fine when i got it, now it just works better. Its also allowed me to become intimate with the machine, I have a good mechanical mindset and its all part of the coffee experience for me

                      I recon u should go for it if you can afford it. Grab urself a sample/gift back of beans from snobs and run some shots