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a few noobie question

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  • a few noobie question

    hi all.
    just a few assorted questions for anyone nice enough to answer

    1 is there any rationale behind turning the machine on from cold and letting it warm up with the steam tap open rather than closed

    2 with the rule of thumb of getting 20ml in sec (or something like that) does that assume a certain basket size?

    3 are there standard basket sizes(weights) in the 58mm filters

    4 who will be PM this time next week?

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    Re: a few noobie question

    Hi jquin,
    Im no expert by any means, but will have a crack at some of your questions.
    1. Cant see any reason to leave the steam tap open while warming up your machine from cold. In particular if you have a single boiler, dual purpose machine such as the Silvia or Lelit, this could be likely to drain your boiler and kill the element (not good).
    2. I assume you are referring to the volume and times for a shot of espresso. General guide is ~25-30ml over 25-30 sec for a single basket, or ~50-60ml over 25-30 sec for double basket (depending what book you read!). Dont think the size of basket should effect the volume or time of shot (happy to be told otherwise though)
    3. Single 58mm baskets seem to start from ~7g upwards, Doubles from ~14g upwards to triple shot size, but vary quite a bit on what basket you are using
    4. Might need to refer that one to the Politics Snobs website


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      Re: a few noobie question

      1) If it is a machine with an anti vacuum valve then yes, there is. That means semi commercial and commercial  heat exchanger (HX) machines and multi boiler machines, but not domestic machines. It is a technique used because very often anti vacuum valves stick in service and dont work as intended. Opening the steam tap does the job for you manually.

      2) not really, the specification doesnt change. However, you may for your own palate change and do whatever you like as long as it tastes good! However you will find that as you deviate further and further from the spec, things may not really taste good at all.

      3) they come in different depths depending on the market the machines are sold into, to account for the smaller and larger coffees made in the different markets. The deepest filters thst hold the most grinds can only be used in so called naked filters because they hit the bottom of a fully enclosed group handle.

      4) Mr. Rabbot, because the encumbents are imploding!


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        Re: a few noobie question

        thanks all


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          Re: a few noobie question

          Youre welcome!

          Its really nice when people say that