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Bezzera BZ99 Cutting out / Overheating?

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  • Bezzera BZ99 Cutting out / Overheating?

    Hi all,

    Ive had a 2nd hand BZ99 for about 6 months and its developed a problem whereby it will appear to overheat and not allow the pump or heating element to run. In essense the green light goes out, just like a low water cut-off.

    If I let it cool for about 30 minutes its all good again.

    Any ideas where to start looking here. Ive had a look at google and also the threads here, but cant seem to find the same problem anywhere.

    Im guessing the 3 obvious things could be:
    a) the sensor detecting "too hot" is cutting in too early
    b) the pressurestat is faulty allowing the unit to heat too much, although it does cut in and out regularly, not stay on continuously.
    c) I suppose it could be a fault with the low water sensor or connections that only triggers when temp is high!

    Any comments welcome. Id like to try to fix myself if possible.



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    Re: Bezzera BZ99 Cutting out / Overheating?

    Hi Dwight;

    Looks like your control board is in his way out. I will suggest to take your machine to your local technician.




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      Re: Bezzera BZ99 Cutting out / Overheating?

      How did you go with this problem?

      I am looking at purchasing a 2nd hand BZ99. Reading through other peoples posts they seem to be a pretty good reliable machine. How did you find its performance prior to these problems?

      If you want to let it go I would be interested

      Regards Brendon


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        Re: Bezzera BZ99 Cutting out / Overheating?


        Just wondering what the problem turned out to be

        Please let me know


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          Sorry for the lack of replies guys.
          My machine was too far gone to effectively repair. It was a control board needing replacement, but as the machine was not near new it wasn't worth going down that path.

          I might put the machine up for sale in the hardware forum for those who might want parts.


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            Sorry to hear that.

            I'd possibly be interested in parts. Is it the vibe pump or rotary pump version?