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Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

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  • Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

    Just had my VBM junior for its first service after 2 years. There are no problems..Im really just curious about what has been done.

    Machine was running well except for a small leak near in the steam tap. 2 year service was a precaution and because I wanted the temp to be perfect for my new Mini-E.

    The bill was quite substantial, as lots of small parts were replaced as part of the regular service.(eg valves, filters, seals, pressure switch)

    The items replaced/fixed under warranty/recall - the Tempstat and Relay and the 2 valve bodies (steam and HW)

    Just wondering if "tempstat" is another word for "pressurestat"?

    I think I had a Mater in it before (the one that goes clockwise rather than anti) so perhaps I should be looking for a Parker or Sirai?

    Extraction pressure has been set to 12bar - Is this too high?
    It was set at 12 this from factory, but I turned it down to 10.3bar (based on CS recommendation,. as well as a bit of trial and error tasting),..... but maybe theyre right and Im wrong?? 

    Steam is set to 1.3bar, which it was anyway.

    I enquired about a bombora filter (this agent supplies them) and I was advised no descale was necessary in this service, and that simply cleaning it weekly with detergent (cafetto) was adequate..I dont run any filter ATM

    Cheers for any info

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    Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

    Hmm- interesting.

    Unless the machine was clapped out, there should not have been any need to replace valve bodies. There has not been a recall on the pressurestat/tempstat in Australia. Was there on in NZ?

    A small batch of Maters were replaced here under warranty- if, and only if a fault occured. Relay? Which? The only relay is on the control board. Is it a DB?

    At 2 years- assuming scale was ok and good hygiene, a service should be little more than attending to leaks and squeaks along with a group seal and shower screen.

    Unless the machine was a shocker, it sounds like an interesting call to me.  :-?


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      Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

      relay is:
      VB/relay : Solid state relay

      Tempstat: part number is CI700662 "Pressureswitch 1/4" which is the Mater.


      just check and i was charged for the Ci700662 part ($70 inc gst)


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        Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

        hmm...was it not heating? Did they open up the control board and perform some electronics wizardry?


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          Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

          It was fine before, just started to leak slightly from the steam valve (valve was difficult to turn off, so I guess a hardened Oring or seal)

          Ive queried them about the pstat and 12bar extraction pressure.


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            Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

            I think it sounds suss as......Is it a HX or dual boiler? Havent seen a DB as they do not come to Australia, but I guess theyd have a SSR?


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              Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

              HX - Junior


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                Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

                Hi Skelly. Not sure how old my Junior is but it was the first one the Talkcoffee sold. So far the only issues I have had is the PS replaced with another under warranty [still a Mater]. Replaced the pins/valves & the actuator cam as I was being heavy handed with the Cafetto. I also replaced the OP[ :-/] valve trying to get rid of a PITA "rattle" when extracting [worked for a little while]  Have not replaced any seals in the taps or the GH. Handle still seals at the 7 oclock position.



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                  Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

                  Hi skelly,

                  A little research has provided the information that NZ spec. includes a SSR and pressurestat. Sounds weird that they should be replaced and you charged without a fault being present.

                  At the very most, your valves should not have required more than o-rings and/or grommets.

                  Hope that helps...



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                    Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

                    Hi Skelly, sounds weird to me too.If the pressurestat was replaced as recall/warranty why would you pay for it?
                    This is the reason ive learnt to service my machines myself.Too many service agents here take free licence to replace what ever they want without consulting the client first.Why they replaced valve bodies on a 2 year machine is odd too, unles youd damaged them by overtightening to compensate for the leak?
                    As to the boiler and brew pressure settings - i guess they have to re-set them to factory specs, which for some reason is 1.3 bar and 12 bar.Good luck sorting it out


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                      Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

                      Thanks for the replies folks..
                      I certainly didnt do anything to tighten any valves. The only adjustment I ever made was the the P stat. My handle sealed at 6 oclock.

                      Parts list:
                      Diffusion Screen
                      Head gasket 8mm
                      Jet filter
                      distribution valve
                      infusion valve
                      discharge valve
                      sight glass O ring
                      steam valve seal - silicone
                      lever rod seal
                      distribution teflon seal
                      jet nut seal
                      teflon seal
                      pressure switch
                      water and steam tap -main body
                      solid state relay

                      $200+ in parts, excluding the relay and tap valve bodies

                      My service bill, divided by the number of coffees Ive made on the machine, equals about 50c per coffee.


                      Except for the PStat (which I will get a refund for), Im not complaining... but I figure other people might find the info useful... When I purchased the machine I expected a $50-100 service every 5 years or so.

                      Im surprised that O rings can cost $4 and nut seals $8. But I can appreciate also that sometimes replacing a part is actually cheaper than inspecting & fixing an assembly. Maybe the machine was a dog and it all needed to be replaced? I dont have the old parts, so Ill never know.


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                        Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)


                        Its hard to make a call without seeing the machine, but I cannot fathom how the list should have extended to the length it does unless it was well and truly scaled and they did all this to avoid descaling it.


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                          Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

                          My experience with Aucklands water is rather old, but it was very good water at the time, and not highly mineralised--so I would guess that de-scaling was **not** required.

                          Why all the other parts on a machine that was working well?? Profit margin on servicing maybe. Ill bet you got charged retail on the parts.



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                            Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

                            Cheers for your replies.
                            I tested the water a while back and it came out pretty well. I offered to buy a bombora softener system besteems service agent (who sells them) says theyre unecessary.

                            I got the machine back, took it home and it didnt work.. Intermittent pump pressure, never reaching over 2 bar, gauge appeared to be stuck. So its back to the shop.


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                              Re: Few questions post-service (VBM jr)

                              Originally posted by 7D656B6262770E0 link=1334798567/13#13 date=1335209625
                              So its back to the shop.
                              Bugger :-?