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  • Bezzera BZ35 DE Steam

    Hi folks I purchased a Bezzera BZ35 DE second hand some time ago.  One of the reasons for the purchase was comment on this site about the amount of steam.  Well the steam from mine has been mediocre at best, but recently, apparently randomly, I get great steam and then it goes back to what it was.  Any ideas on the likely cause?  The group head pressure is excellent and so is the hot water pressure.

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    Re: Bezzera BZ35 DE Steam

    Hi rcarlyle,
    I have one of these, I also bought it secondhand and my steam pressure is such that I texture milk for two cups in 15-20 seconds.

    I would say you have a restriction in your steam line. That is the nozzle, steam arm, steam valve, or the copper tube from the valve to the tank. I would pull bits out and clean or descale them as necessary. If you are half handy you might be able to do it yourself. Its all very straight forward.