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  • HI need help & Assistance

    Greeting cser,
    im about to buy my first machine and need your help and advise. I have a buget of $4000 and that includes buying machine, grinder and all the other bits and piece that a newbie needs. So far im stuck between these combo.

    1. rocket giotto evoluzione & mazzer mini

    2. rocket giotto premium plus & mazzer super jolly electric

    3. izzo alex duetto ii & mazzer mini

    4. vbm domobar jnr or izzo vivi & Mazzer super jolly e

    My choice of coffee is milk based drinks and i dont mine the espresso, siphon, french press & drip coffee so i hope the super jolly can be adjusted easily to accomadate my needs when required. but in saying that i already have doseless rocky so thats not a problem

    At this stage im not looking at roasting my own bean yet so the pid i guess is not a need and plumb in is not required as my wife does not like the idea of cutting into the granite bench. But in saying that i wouldnt mind a rotary pump for the smooth and quite operations. So do i sacrifice super jolly e for rotary or vise versa. I would like to thank everyone in advance for there advise in helping me choosing my machine.....



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    Re: HI need help & Assistance

    Gday Louis,

    All will make terrific coffee in the right hands. It really comes down to personal preference in my opinion.

    Some key things to keep in mind as you choose:
    • As you move up the scale in planar grinders, you purchase only speed. Whilst the doserless options will possibly be more convenient, they will not produce a better quality grind. You therefore pay for perceived convenience. Partner acceptance factor is often a little higher with timed doserless grinders in that they are generally a tad easier to use. Your wish to be able to change grind quickly rules out Macap.
    • The vibe pump machines will not produce a better cup than the rotary pump equivalent. You are purchasing silence and the versatility to plumb in later on if you wish. If you can pick a difference, please enter (and then win) the world cupping championships!

    Ultimately, the best bet might be to have a look see to check them out in the metal. If you are in Melbourne, pretty much everything on your list is on the bench and in stock.




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      Re: HI need help & Assistance

      thanks chris ill take that advice and have that in mind before i purchase my combo..