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New to Silvia, need advice

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  • New to Silvia, need advice

    Hi Guys, I am pretty new to the Silvia and just looking for advice on workflow, and making sure I am keeping the machine safe.

    My first attempt came out with beautiful coffee by chance, but it raised a couple of questions.

    1. How long should my shot pour take? 20+ seconds?

    2. The main issue was using a temperature gauge for frothing, but I seemed to run out of pressure before reaching optimal temp (70ish) on half a jug of milk.. I kept pushing it and just reached temp, but wondered if that was bad for the machine running it dry? Should it even be getting that close to running out of pressure, and how much should I be able to do?

    3. When I have finished, should I de-pressurize the machine when its turned off? or leave is sitting like that to cool down by itself?

    Any other tips, advice or things I should know about this machine are also appreciated.

    Thanks for your time

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    Re: New to Silvia, need advice

    The lights are also confusing me. When should the switch lights come on? e.g. steam switch light? Do the the lights on the other 3 side switches even light up?

    I have to think about getting a grinder for it as well now, is the Breville smart grinder an ok match?


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      Re: New to Silvia, need advice

      Until some else replies
      1. I think you have posted in the wrong section.
      2. After steaming always refill the boiler by switching on the brew switch. With the brew switch on first steam will come out of the group then water, to be safe if you open the hot water tap when brew water comes out your boiler is full of water and the heating coils are safe.

      If i remember the only caution with Silvia is to make sure the boiler is full so the coils are either heating water for brew temperature or heating for steam temperature.

      I think the instructions will make it clear which is the brew switch the second I think, and the steam switch which is the third. The brew light will go off when brew temp is reached and steam light goes off when steam temp is reached.  There are some tricks to learn later with the steam temp.

      I dont have Silvia in front of me, but I write this so you may be aware of the basic safe procedures


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        Re: New to Silvia, need advice

        Thanks for the reply, I spent a bit of time looking at where to post... just closed my eyes and clicked in the end.

        I think I have worked the machine out now, and have been priming the machine as suggested.

        My shots are a little watery at the moment, not sure if that is caused by the coffee or my tamp. Maybe I am not filling the puck enough, but I notice it wont screw on if you overfill.

        Hopefully its the user, not the machine and these things iron themselves out.



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          Re: New to Silvia, need advice

          The old dosing guide: place grinds in PF and tamp. When the PF handle in put into Silvia and removed there should be just a slight mark on top of the grinds of the centre bolt that holds the group screen in place.
          Silvia will not tolerate over dosing.
          Use freshly ground beans.
          Silvia is pretty indestructible