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ECM Agent in AUS?

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  • ECM Agent in AUS?

    I havent been on this wonderful site for around 3 years since I finally bit the bullet and bought my Expobar Office Auto.......but today the boss saw a new ECM Classico II at Essential Ingredient in Melbourne and she has decided it looks much nicer.......who am I to argue? It does have a lovely small footprint.

    Problem is I cant find the product anywhere online except for a German site so I cant get any specs for it.

    The local ECM site points to different suppliers in each state but not one of them has ECM listed, only Rocket.

    While on that topic is there a huge difference between the brands these days?

    Good to be back

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    Re: ECM Agent in AUS?

    Hello Gazza and welcome,

    Many potential purchasers think that ECM (Germany) is the same ECM which once manufactured the ECM Giotto.

    These are two different companies with ECM Italy now under the ownership of Rocket Espresso which still manufactures the Giotto and other great machines.

    ECM Germany product is sold by site sponsor Jetblack espresso and perhaps other sponsors as well.

    Drop Charlie and Deb a line if youre interested in this machine. I am sure they will be delighted to look after you.

    Hope that helps



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      Re: ECM Agent in AUS?


      Check out Chris at Talk Coffee, a site sponsor as he will look after you hands down!



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        Re: ECM Agent in AUS?

        Snap Chris


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          Re: ECM Agent in AUS?

          Thanks for the prompt response guys, Ill give Chris a call he nearly sold me a Giotto some years ago !

          Somehow the thought of German coffee machines is somewhat oxymoronic


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            Re: ECM Agent in AUS?

            Hi Gazza,

            Yes we are supplying the ECM Manufacture line of machines including the Classika II (which will be in stock shortly).