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Tripping power when warm

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  • Tripping power when warm

    Just bought an Isomac Millennium and cleaning her out atm. Was working fine, then after pulling the casing off to clean (plus a few wires which Im 100% sure went back in the right place) it now trips out the circut - but only once warm.
    Things I noticed - when the boiler was empty and I turned the machine on, it filled but the element light stayed on while the boiler was filling - is this normal? I looked at an instruction manual for the millenium and it said when you first turn it on, the power light and element light will come on and the boiler will fill.
    So... If I turn it on from cold, it will heat up. If i turn it off before he vacuum valve engages, then turn it back on, it trips - and continues to do so every time I turn it on.
    See the photos of the 2 sides of the element - does it look burned out? If it is burned out would that explain it tripping when warm? Could it have burned out during the minute it was on without water as the boiler was filling? If so maybe it was on its way out anyway...

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    Re: Tripping power when warm

    Also just noticed - seems like the black markings that are on the element are also through the boiler. Is that a normal part of scale build up or is that something else?


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      Re: Tripping power when warm

      Just put the boiler back in and tried from a cold start. I disconnected the element for the filling process to make sure the element was protected. When I reconnected the element and turned it on, same thing happened... heats up for about 2 minutes the trips. The I tried to turn it on while warm and it trips immediately. I then tried disconnecting the element and turning it on and it turned on and stayed on fine.

      So... looks like it only trips when warm, and only when the element is connected. I didnt get to check what the element looked like prior to this, but it only started happening after I pulled it apart, cleaned it out, drained the boiler (by undoing the hot water outlet on the boiler and tilting the machine - not by using the hot water tap as it was blocked with scale), and then one the first refill, after it about 2 minutes and it was warm - trip.

      Any ideas?


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        Re: Tripping power when warm

        Sounds like you have isolated a flaky element to me. Time to replace it.


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          Re: Tripping power when warm

          Really strange... It was doing this all yesterday afternoon, then early this morning prior to posting this topic, then again when i tried at around 6:30 this morning. Exactly the same thing happened each time.
          Then I thought id give it one last shot at 7:45am just before I left for work. It worked fine. Heated, came up to pressure, expelled hot water (after cleaning out the scale last night) and steam, filled the boiler fine and just stayed on. No tripping at all.

          What the heck!? Im obviously stoked it sorted itself out, but am majorly confused.

          Could it because it had old stale gross water in there for so long, not used and sitting stagnant, and the element etc for used to crap water and needed some time to get seasoned to clean water? I have no idea - so confused!


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            Re: Tripping power when warm

            Wild but slightly educated guess. Minute pinhole/crack in outside covering of element which opens up as it warms up, allows a trickle of current from element to ground via the water (which is conductive), tripping the safety switch. After a few days, said fault corrodes over (you removed the previous corrosion when you cleaned it) and now it no longer trips the safety switch.

            If it was me, I would consider the element fatally (note that word) flawed, and replace it.

            I can foresee a day when it gets moved to a mains circuit not protected by a safety switch, and the element failing.
            Instant Darwin award.