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Need opinions on possible Bezzera purchase

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  • Need opinions on possible Bezzera purchase

    Hi there, I am looking at purchasing a BZ35E machine from an interstate person that responded to a WTB advert I had on another website.

    He just sent me a couple photos of the internals and I dont know what I should be looking for, he assures me that it works and it had been used previously in a restaurant setting where it had little use. He did say it was recently serviced and has had a few parts replaced. It was acquired as hes parents purchased the restaurant and it isnt needed.

    All I am asking is if anything looks suspect or if it is in good or bad condition. The guy has been very helpful and is also going to send me a video of it pulling a shot in operation.

    Let me know what you think.

    Regards Brendon

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    Re: Need opinions on possible Bezzera purchase

    Is the condition of the boiler expected and easy to clean up?


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      Re: Need opinions on possible Bezzera purchase

      Small restaurant.

      The video of it pulling a shot is virtually all that will be of value to you unless you get in the car and go for a drive.

      And even then, all you are gojng to see are the externals of a working (hopefully) coffee machine.

      If it pulls shots properly and bleeds hot water & steam out of the hot water & steam pipes fast, then there would appear to be no problems at the moment.

      Also, ask him to keep the video running while he draws hot water out, because you want to hear the auto fill kicking in and eventually shut off after the tap is closed (in the worst case scenario you dont want to be having to replace a possible faulty auto fill controller first up on a machine that was sold to you as being in proper working order).

      Also open and shut the steam tap of course. Check the operation of the steam tap itself. "Early" Bezz steam taps werent very good (subject to wear/failure) and please before anyone jumps in to defend their fave brand please ask why Bezz themselves modified the taps over time to a better format. I have no idea what tap is on this, just have the video show that the tap opening and shutting smoothly without problem.

      Why would you want to "clean up the boiler". If the machine works it works, that means its not currently blocked up with scale, which means that if there is scale it is currently manageable as in not affecting performance. Then what is there to clean? Simply fit up with a suitable water filter, and dont let "the scale" get any worse.......

      The rest is "wear and tear", and if you buy a used coffee machine you accept that for the price you pay there are trade offs, and that means ongoing service for wear and tear that happened before the machine came into your ownership. It appears to have a relatively late type pressuretstat fitted so apparently has had some work done "recently".

      If you are concerned about condition, why not check out what you can get new?

      Hope that helps.

      very first CS site sponsor

      PS, used espresso machines dont necessarily travel well. Just be aware that something that was working well before transport, may not work well and require service after transport. They get shook up, parts are older.......


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        Re: Need opinions on possible Bezzera purchase

        Thanks for the response Attilio,

        I just received the videos this morning and he tested all functions. The steam pressure was very strong, the group head expelled water, it pulled a single shot in the 25 seconds and the hot water tap looked very hot.

        I couldnt quite hear the auto fill kicking in because of the video quality.

        The guy has been extremely helpful and generous with his time, he has faith in it working with all functions otherwise Im sure he wouldnt accept taking videos of it functioning.

        The pump sounds quiet in the video, there is no rattling or odd noises from what I can hear. He did say that

        "I know one of the parts was the solenoid and fiitings that supply the water to the resivoir that were replaced in the last service."
        That was what he told me.

        Im pretty confident after seeing the videos and Im going to go ahead with the purchase, I am getting it at a good price so I know I have some room to spend on parts if need be.

        Once I receive it in the next week or so Ill post more photos and take some videos for everyone to see.