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Diadema Junior Plus Semi-Automatica help with bitterness

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  • Diadema Junior Plus Semi-Automatica help with bitterness

    I thought I would just quickly revive this thread to let everyone know that a few weeks back I purchased a brand new Diadema Junior Plus Semi-Automatica Cosmorex here in Canberra as they had an interest free deal happening so it was a perfect time for me to take the step into making some really nice coffee at home.

    Now I am a complete novice and booked myself in for a Barista course with Cosmorex last Tuesday and wow wasn’t I doing everything wrong... Plus this resulted in me buying a K3 grinder as well last week. Lots of money spent but only a drop in the ocean in comparison to my other hobby/money pit...

    After some useful tips here and finally putting in the time to get a nice brew, the coffee is now starting to taste a touch on the bitter side and its 3 weeks this coming Saturday since I bought it. To reduce the bitterness just a touch would you suggest I make the grind a little coarser or do I need to run a cleaning solution through it already?

    Machine switched and not used for at least 20 minutes
    Double basket is used most times
    7 seconds of pre-extraction
    25 seconds for entire pour including the 7 from above
    Coffee used is out of a 1kg bag of Cosmorex Premium Special Blend

    Any suggestions would be great.



    PS: I would really like to thank Harry and Jason at Cosmorex for treating me as such a valued customer. I really couldn’t tell you the last time I have encountered such excellent customer service.

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    Re: Diadema Junior Plus Semi-Automatica help with bitterness

    I suspect youll get some advice from the horses mouth quite soon. Ill stay away from that as Im no professional.  From your post it is clear that you havent yet done a chemical backflush. Have you been backflushing with water at all yet?
    And, yep, the staff out at Cosmorex are great.

    BTW this part of the thread probably should be moved (not much manual coffee brewing going on).



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      Re: Diadema Junior Plus Semi-Automatica help with bitterness

      Backflushing?? Time to start searching for that now, so I can give that a go first before the chemical backflush.

      Apologies if this is in the wrong section, happy for a mod to move this to somewhere more suitable.


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        Re: Diadema Junior Plus Semi-Automatica help with bitterness

        Hows it going now?

        you also might need to season the new grinder


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          Re: Diadema Junior Plus Semi-Automatica help with bitterness

          [movedhere] Brewing Equipment - Manual Coffee Brewing Processes [move by] Javaphile.
          Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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            Re: Diadema Junior Plus Semi-Automatica help with bitterness

            Dunno how i missed this one before.....

            Than you for the very kind words and i will pass them on to Harry and Jason.

            DONT GO NEAR the machine with cleaners etc. its too soon as in you probably arent using enough coffee to start backflushing with detergents yet.....

            All you need to do is work on your will be in there somewhere especially as the coffee you are using is a multi award winning top blend and also the blend of my own choice.

            If you like, next time you come in ask if I am around and I will show you on my cupping machine.

            Hope that helps.


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              Re: Diadema Junior Plus Semi-Automatica help with bitterness

              Too late !!

              Unfortunately, Ive put the cleaner through twice since I read your comment, but this was after obtaining advice from Cosmorex.

              Now Im confused...


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                Re: Diadema Junior Plus Semi-Automatica help with bitterness

                Dont be! You will need the detergent soon enough, I simply wouldnt have thought it would be this soon for the kind of volume I imagine you are using.

                Your problem however cant be anywhere else but in "grind / dose / tamp".

                As stated, when next youre in ask for me and if I am around will be happy to demo and advise


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                  Thanks. I think I'm getting the hang of it now. I'm getting some consistent shots but struggling with beans I use that are not the Cosmorex premium blend, messing around with the grind to get it right just ends up in wasting a lot of coffee, then when I get it right, I'm out of beans... Guess that's what happens when you're a coffee snob in training...


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                    Hi all

                    Just wondering if anyone might be able to assist me in troubleshooting this issue I'm having...

                    Basically, I'm lost as to how a $100 Sunbeam machine is able to produce a much thicker, nicer crema than my Diadema Jr.

                    The only difference in my technique for the two machines are that the tamp pressure for the Sunbeam machine is much gentler than the Diadema. The coffee and grind are the same.

                    Don't get me wrong, the taste of the coffee from the Diadema is much, much nicer. I was just wondering if there is something noticeable that I'm doing to mess things up.

                    Also the very first coffee made from the Diadema in the morning has no crema at all but the taste is ok, The 2nd cup made is much better though. I do wait till the machine has been on for at least a minimum of 15 minutes and this morning I ran a dose through to see if that might improve the crema but it didn't improve.

                    This is all a cosmetic problem as the taste is ok in my books. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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                      Hello RP071,

                      What you have experienced will be the result of one or more of coffee quality, grinder and your technique.

                      Your old machine will likely have had a pressurised basket in the portafilter. Whilst these produce "crema", the do not produce true espresso. I suspect that they would produce crema if tan bark was used instead of coffee! Real espresso machines will not produce good results with poor quality, stale coffee.

                      Have a look over this online training dvd and use it as a guide- and to check your technique.

                      Good luck!



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                        G'day RP.

                        From what you've written, the problem will be in the grind setting and dose of grinds in the filter.

               is most unliklely the grind setting for the Diadema and a $100.00 Sunbean (a "Ristretto" I assume) can be the same.

                        Your BFC Diadema Junior machine will produce a crema that rises from the bottom like a guinness, when you get your operational technique right. Did you ever come in? I never got a message if you did....


                        very firts CS site sposnor


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                          I dont mean to sway from trying to help answer your question (however the two guys above are the best bet it getting some help on what you are asking) but I must say after reading what you have written it sounds like myself sometime ago. On an avaerage of 10 shots I was only getting good crema on about 2-3. I started thinking am I doing something wrong? Worried I started reading for answers. While doing so it somewhat dawned on me that regardless weather or not I was getting a good crema or not, the coffee that i was making i was was still very nice and i was happy with the taste. You have mentioned this in your thread/reply. Looking back now I dont even think about it, I make coffee that I, my wife and my friends like and thats all that matter to me.

                          I dont mean at all to take away from what you are asking, just wanted to put that thought out, since after reading what you wrote it sounded like the same questions i was asking sometime ago.



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                            RP. I have a similar machine purchased from Cosmorex a year or so ago, with a K3. The only time I've noticed a lack of crema, or a rapidly dissipating crema has been when I've used some slightly older beans (to finish of the end of a packet etc). You don't say anything about the beans you are using. Are they freshly roasted? It's the simplest thing to fix if this actually the problem


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                              Hi all

                              Thanks for everyone's replies and thank you Chris for your online DVD, I will certainly have a look at that a few times and hopefully this will help fix some of my issues.

                              Hi Attilio, I was in just recently to have the machine looked at as the water spout was leaking and the water alarm wasn't working, which seems to have not been fixed but I'll run a couple of containers through first. I did do a course with Hugh at Cosmorex when I first bought the machine and that definitely helped but I guess I'm fine tuning and getting a little more fussy with presentation.

                              Coffeechris, yes the taste is still really nice and everyone that comes over do enjoy a cup or 4...

                              Barry, the beans were bought from cosmorex (signature blue, i think) so they shouldn't be that old.

                              I'll see how I go with the dvd and give it a few more shots and I'll report back with the results. Good thing is that I can only get better, well I hope so...

                              Cheers, RP