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  • Rate my pour - Giotto PP

    Howdy folks....

    Decided to get myself back to basics with my grind/dose arangements and am after some feedback on how my shots are going.

    I am using a Giotto PP from Supreme Roasters, and for this vid DiBella Premium blend about 6-7 days old.

    Grinding is done by a Breville smart grinder.

    I would like to know if this is running well or too fast. Its a standard double basket.


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    Re: Rate my pour - Giotto PP

    the "standard" timing is supposed to be 25-30 secs for a double.

    more importantly is how it tastes imo.
    ive had shots run very fast and very slow yet taste surprisingly good


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      Re: Rate my pour - Giotto PP

      Pour looks a tad fast. Not sure if the machine is evenly balanced on the counter or the tamping that is the issue.

      First of all, if you can, make sure your machine is even using a spirit level.

      Then check importantly the correct dosage, and eveness of tamp.

      Not sure if the lighting affected the shot. Pour looks to blond on the right which may indicate tamping unevenly, or it could be wet basket. Make sure the basket is pre heated by leaving it lightly locked in while pre heating the machine. Wipe basket dry and rid of old particles of grounds before fresh ground coffee is dispensed.

      Double basket as a norm produces 60 mls in 30 seconds.

      Measure and taste. Change the grind either finer or coarser after and then taste again. Coffee as they age may require a slight adjustment in grind setting, same as ambient temperature. Roast levels too, lighter roast requires a different grind setting to darker roasts.

      Taste the difference between the first shot you make to the second shot, or even third shot. See how it pours. Is it watery or syrupy?
      It may be temperature related. My second shot on the Rancilio Silvia tastes better than the first.

      Bottom line is your taste buds you want to please. So try different settings on the grinder, but keep your dosage and tamping as consistent as possible, and keep that portafilter and machine heated.

      Gary at G


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        Re: Rate my pour - Giotto PP

        Thanks .

        Nicely picked up re the blonding on the R side. Not sure whats been causing that so Ill pull out the naked PF and give it a go.

        I went a little finer on th grind adfter filming and it is improved.

        I grind into a small glass then disctribute into the PF. My dosing technique is what is shown on the espressocompany australia videos.

        Ill be sure to dry out the basket as well