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Calling all BFC/Diadema owners - Past, Present and Future

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  • If no one else can do you a scan of the owner booklet, I'll talk with my people and see if I can help.

    The basic modus operandi is very similar to using a Silvia type machines. Flick switch at top to build steam, use, then flick off to go back to coffee mode.....its been a while...

    Dont expect too much from the booklet but it will give you the basics.

    Hope that helps.


    • Thanks
      At this point anything is a help

      Just looking at the best way to prime, the best purge, and so on....



      • Ok, I have the owner booklet (electronic).

        Don't know if this will work, but trying.

        File has been moved to the documention area:

        Failing that you may need to send me your email address.

        Hope that helps
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        • That's absolutely perfect .
          Thanks so much.

          Now I have some reading to do


          • Jumped on as my Junior Semi Auto is once again having pressure release problems. (quite alarming when the release valve does its job). I have had the pressurestat replaced twice so far, though the last time was just over a year ago, and the time before that was 3 months prior. I dont keep the machine on 24/7, but do tend to turn it on before I go to bed, so I can make my morning coffee without preheating it. I guess that is a contributory factor.

            I guess its time to find somewhere to get it repaired.


            • Hey guys,
              I'd been recently hankering to upgrade from my Sunbeam 6910, but couldn't decide on which machine to get or what type. I was browsing some online classifieds when I saw a second-hand (only used 3 times) BFC/Diadema Junior Plus for $1250. After some haggling, I snapped it up for $1000, which I think is quite the bargain, right? The owner was desperate for quick cash leading up to Christmas

              And wow what an upgrade! The only thing is that this is my first time using a lever, rather than volumetric shots. What's the go on when to stop the shot? I've been going by feel and stopping it when the shot starts to blonde, as well as approximate volume. I realise my breville smart grinder probably isn't the best one out there, but my wallet probably can't take another upgrade for a while, so I'll have to make do with it for a while.

              Merry Christmas, everyone!


              • Welcome Propanolol (?),

                Sounds like you're on the right track Propanolol....stop it when it starts to blonde, adjust your grind/dose if that is happening too early (e.g. <25 secs) or too late (> about 40 secs minutes in my opinion ). See how it tastes...if you like it and it is blonding somewhere within the reasonable range drink a few at that setting before fiddle-a@@$ing around too much.



                • Welcome to the forum Propanolol. Have play with the timing and see what you like. You have a great unit at an excellent price - well done A better grinder would help but baby steps at first


                  • Hello,

                    I just purchased recently a Diadema Unico Splendor and upto now I am still adjusting with her and for sure sooner or later we will build a special connection between us.. hehehe!

                    Back in the Philippines my first machine was Sunbeam Piccolo and used it for 3 moths or so. And then my partner gave me a new machine which was Sunbeam Café Latte EM5600. Both machines collaborated with entry level grinder (see pics..hehehe) . When I moved here to Australia and my vampire coffee blood is started to arise, I decided to get a Breville 800ES and Breville Dose Control Pro. These two are amazing combination and let me do a decent latte art with a good taste . I had a good learning experience with her (the machines) but sometimes I feel like I want to do more and she cant keep up... For now I am looking for a new home for her...

                    After playing with my Breville machines for about 3 months, I felt like I am ready to go and step up a bit to satisfy my coffee addiction, hehehe! I scouted for over a month of what machines is best for Home set up that is not too big, not too pricey but still can perform as a PRO. I came across with Giotto Rocket, ecm, vbm, expobar and finally the DIADEMA UNICO SPLENDOR.

                    When I unboxed her and set it up on my counter and performed my first latte, it feels like this is the taste I been looking and searching for... she brings out the best aroma and taste of the coffee ofcourse with the help of Mazzer Mini... just PERFECT... And now I am waiting for a decent tamper "great leveller" and tamping stand. As I said I still need to know her better and day by day I am very much willing to adjust to the best of ability to use her (not abuse her) with a heart.. hehehe!

                    Click image for larger version

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                    • Congratulations lixegel the Unico Splendor is a great machine and a real step up from the Sunbeam and Breville appliances.


                      • Originally posted by Recaffinated View Post
                        Congratulations lixegel the Unico Splendor is a great machine and a real step up from the Sunbeam and Breville appliances.
                        thanks Recaffinated i know "Dema" and I will gonna have a very long term relationship, hehehe,


                        • You have chosen a great machine. Play with it for a while and your relationship will blossom - just don't tell your wife


                          • Originally posted by steventhechef View Post
                            You have chosen a great machine. Play with it for a while and your relationship will blossom - just don't tell your wife
                            Hahaha!!! Thanks!


                            • I am a proud owner of BFC now that i past the learning curve

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                              • Anyone here happen to know what sort of pressurestat I need for a 2007 unico splendour machine? Mine has stopped switching the boiler off. I've asked and they don't know which one my model will take. They suggest taking it out and looking at it. Which I might have to do...