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Recommendations: Certain Manual Coffee Machine

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  • Recommendations: Certain Manual Coffee Machine

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for a Manual coffee machine with the following specifications:

    -E61 Head
    -If possible duel boiler
    -Italian brands are most preferred like Isomac, Giotto etc....
    -Located in Geelong/Melbourne area.
    -Price between $1500 to $3000.

    I'm looking forward to your replies!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Have you thought of talking to/emailing the sponsors on here regarding a machine? If you are willing to pay 1500-3000 for a machine I assume your looking for a new one?

    Look down the right hand side, you will find the email address to email all the sponsors.



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      Thanks Chris, Yes I was ment to mention that I'm looking for a new machine, though I forgot.
      I will give the email idea ago though I'm looking at a rocket giotto or a isomac tea.
      I have a passion for coffee so I'm looking for reliable assessment and quality of product.
      It would be great to have some opinions or the recommendations of other coffee lovers on these two models I mentioned above.



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        Hi and welcome Dave0000,
        coffeechris has given the right advice and contacting the site sponsors is the best first step. That info used to be on just about every page but things have changed. You might bave to go the "Forum home" then look down on the right hand side. But I'm not sure site email is functioning yet. The site's layout etc has changed dramatically in the last few days and we're all coming to terms with the changes. Some things are broken temporarily but all will be well in a short time I imagine.

        Good luck with your search.

        Just read your second post. The site sponsors email address will contact ALL site sponsors at once. They'll let you know if they think they can assist you with your specs and buying criteria.

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          In light of the helpful information above, I've moved this thread to a more relevant sub-forum.



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            Thanks for the info and welcoming dabbler,
            I'm new at computers so this whole internet and forum business is a bit confusing!
            I will definitely contact the sponsors asap.



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              Hello Dave and welcome,

              You have plenty of options in the $1.5-3k price range.

              I note that the brands you have mentioned produce either mainly or exclusively heat exchanger (HX) machines. These machines are also capable of simultaneous shots/steam. Many who are new to home coffee believe that a dual boiler is required, but this is not so.

              We are based in Melbourne and I would be happy to discuss some pros and cons of some great machines with you. This will hopefully allow you to arrive at a short-list of a few suitable machines for your brief.

              Happy shopping!



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                with your <$3k budget, there is going to be a lot of choice and you will get everybody's opinion on their personal favorite (or hated ! ) m/c's..
       , if i were you i would be very clear on my requirements and do a lot of research to become familiar with the various options, HX, dual boiler, PID's, rotary pump, vibe pump, etc etc,...and which manufacturers/ models use them, and if you would benefit from them.
                You will then be better placed to filter the comments you receive. !