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  • what's the difference?

    Hi all,

    I'm just looking into the different coffee machine's that are available and 2 that I have come across which are very similar prices are:

    Rocket Cellini Plus V2 2012

    or the

    Rocket Giotto Plus old model - which is a 2009 model, but is reduced.

    can anyone tell me what the difference will be in the machines?

    I'm looking to buy one before I move over to Australia as they are a fair bit cheaper in the UK.

    thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Originally posted by chubbs View Post

    I'm just looking into the different coffee machine's

    The different coffee machine's what exactly


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      first off

      Difference between the cellini and giotto:
      1) cellini has flat and straight side panels
      2) giotto has fat side panels that protrude out giving it some curves and angles around the side
      3) thats it.

      the difference between the outgoing rocket plus models (V1) and new V2 models in a nutshell:
      1) brew head pressure gauge
      2) boiler insulation

      a quick google search will show you the difference between the two models


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        Hi Chubbs,

        I agree with the other comments.

        As I understand, the UK models will be configured for EU coffee and will probably require a cooling flush for AUS coffee.

        The other thing to consider about buying in the UK is that your warranty will also reside there, so you will need to factor in whether that needs to be considered in your circumstances. You may want to contact some sponsors to check Australian street prices.

        Beware also of the risk of damage to individual machines in freight:

        I received an email recently. The owner of a damaged self-import had earlier directed some pretty harsh criticism at the Australian importer and then purchased a grey import. Shortly after, he presented to the Australian importer as their best buddy in the hope that they might assist him to repair his significantly damaged machine. I am uncertain as to what happened but know for a fact he would have been well out of pocket when comparing his final import costs to that of a local machine. Regardless of what a seller in another country may tell you, their warranty is not an international warranty.

        As always, it's ultimately your choice. All we can do is present you with options.

        Safe travels.

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          thanks for that Chris.

          I'm going to be shipping the coffee machine with all my belongings, so transport is not really an issue.

          I understand that the warranty will be affected by me taking it overseas, but this counts to all of my belongings, computers, tv, hi-fi etc, so i'm sure if it breaks, then it will all be covered on my household insurance, which i've used when something had broken before?

          Can you please tell me what cool flushing is? and why it would need to be done?

          don't laugh, but why would a eu coffee be any different to an oz one? i'm pretty new to this, so would like to know.