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help with buying a reliable machine that doesnt have great steam capabilities

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  • help with buying a reliable machine that doesnt have great steam capabilities

    Hey all, been lurking around the forums for awhile but havent made many posts. so go easy on me...

    im looking for some advice on what machine would best suit the needs of a housemate of mine. i'm moving out of the house in a couple months and since then we've been enjoying the coffee coming out of an expobar minore IV. price he's willing to put out is something along the lines of $1-2.5k. he never drinks his coffee with milk so i figured i ask about one that can give the temperature stability of the expobar without the unnecessary steaming ability. i know it could potentially cost much less than 1-2.5 for a reasonably capable machine but i thought i just ask around

    he's a simple person - not too into the whole lever craze and just wants something reliable and consistent without the hassle of adding much more to his coffee-making routine - that brought me to think a Hx was out of the question since he's not keen on temperature surfing or anything 'complicated'

    currently i'm thinking a silvia + PID would do the trick but am not sure about how complicated operating one would be if at all. most of the machines i see in this price range seem to place great emphasis on steaming capabilities or levers and what not... would love to hear about what else is out there! =)

    thanks for all the help!


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    Silvia is a single boiler as is a Lelit. If he doesn't want to temperature surf then these are not the ones for you as single boilers needs temperature surfing. HX needs cooling flush (some more than others). On top of this the single boilers needs to be primed which is another step compared to a HX.


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      wow. thanks! i always thought single boilers change the boiler temp according to which switches are on (i.e. steam switch on, then increase temp to steam temp, if not, then boiler temp goes to brewing temp) -therefore the boiler acts as the brew boiler in a DB as long as you dont touch the steam switch?


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        For heavens sake......all this person requires is a genuine aluminium stove top Moka pot.

        Used properly (as with all coffee making equipment) it will make excellent espresso, uncomplicated by steam and fancy pants methods of operation. It will be reliable, and probably last a century in the right hands.

        It does not of course make "commercial style' espresso and it doesnt complicate life with "crema". But that doesnt mean it doesnt make an excellent stove top espresso when used expertly with good quality beans. Forget about multiple boilers, pre infusion, pressure profiling, thermostats, levers, cooling flushes, thermostability, restrictors, descaling and all the rest of the BS.

        Total cost...depending on the size.....under 50 bucks/.


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          That's great advice n all but he's looking for something that won't change the routine he has in place and even wants to get another expobar. He doesn't like the idea of learning anything new and price really doesn't seem to be an object.. The main aim of the thread was to find something similar yet trying not to go into a bit of an overkill?


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            Oh all right then, guess I will have to recommend one of my very own imports, the BFC Diadema Junior !

            Either the base "PUL" model, or a Junior PLUS, or a Splendor. These are great 1.3 litre HX machines, and I have a Splendor at home at the moment. OR, if looking for something in the same market bracket as the Minore, one of our Junior EXTRA PID machines. I use one as my pro cupping machine by the roaster, and when cupping we only do black coffee anyway. It doesnt need to get any better than that....!

            The standard of design, build, finish and performance is excellent.

            Hope that helps,


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              Hi Timdimdom,

              This level of HX machine couldn't be easier to use (I have a BFC machine similar to those Fresh Coffee describes....and I'm no 'barista'). I don't even find the need for a cooling flush (I'm sure someone will tell me I'm missing out on something). Turn it on, let it warm up, learn how to dose/grind/tamp, sensible cleaning routine....and you're set.


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                What is a cooling flush? No mention of this in the manual??


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                  Originally posted by DavidW1960 View Post
                  What is a cooling flush? No mention of this in the manual??
                  Well ya know what they used to do to new kids at school..........

                  I *think* the idea is that on some machines that tend to run a bit hot, you discharge a certain amount of water through the group head to remove the super-heated water prior to brewing a coffee. On my machine it seems to make zero difference.


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                    Interesting. I always purge the grouphead anyway - just been told I should do that, then attach the PF and immediately pull the shot.