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    Hello all,
    I'm feeling the time coming soon that my old Gaggia Classic is getting ready to move on.
    It's done me well over the 5ish years with its mods, and matched with its partner the Mazzer Mini I have done alright.
    I'm up for a bit of research into machines that can fit into a smallish width space where currently the Gaggia at 20ish cm has fit just fine.
    I can go up to 25cm but 30cm will butt me up to the stove and I've slightly melted the group handle and learnt not to leave it too close whilst cooking.

    So i would like to open up the discussion for a good and great machines recommendations with a price starting at $1000 upwards that has a small width factor under 30cm please.

    Thank you all in advance for your comments.


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    Hi Barry,

    Welcome to upgradeitis. Two years ago I replaced my EM6910 with a VBM Domo Junior (HX). I was tossing up between the Giotto and the Junior but the compact dimensions of the Junior (22.5Wx35Dx40H), and the relatively small (in my opinion) amount of kitchen bench space I've pinched for my coffee gear, meant I came away from Talk Coffee with the Junior. Upgradeitis (for the espresso machine anyway) hasn't reared it's head since.. ..though assorted drip brewers, hand grinders and other coffee gear has managed to find it's way into the kitchen over that time. I reckon my little Junior is a perfect machine for me, I make a couple of morning Caps every day, usually an espresso of an evening through the week, a few more over weekends. I've tried playing the part of barista at a few parties at home and my woefully inadequate workflow means that the machine has never been the bottleneck. There's a generous drip tray and water reservoir so it easily caters for my normal weekend coffee routine. I've got it on an electronic timer so it's on and warmed when I'm up in the morning.

    Everyone has their own unique requirements so see if you can find someone who'll let you have a play with whatever machines make your short list (the Junior's a fair jump over the $1000 mark, but given the section you're asking the question in, I guess there's a fair bit of scope price wise).

    Looks like you've been on CS for a while, so you already know the sponsors on here bend over backwards to help you out before and after a sale. Good luck with finding your ideal machine!



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      if you can live with a lever machine, the La Pavoni Europiccola is quite small. (and looks like proper kitchen bling)


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        Another vote here for the VBM Junior HX. It's tiny.


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          BFC / Unico SPLENDOR

          The piccie shows the early drip tray (current uprated model has a diff drip tray grille) but for the most part you will get the drift. I am using as my home machine at the moment. Excellent machine, with top notch standard of design and build. The level of Performance goes without saying.
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