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Solid, fancy-button-free machine advice needed.

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  • Solid, fancy-button-free machine advice needed.

    Good Morning,

    In desperate need of advice – low on budget so have to get my purchase right the first time! I don’t really know much about the technical components, more about the feel of making a good cup of coffee, which is why I struggle trying to buy online with all the jargon (I live in a rural area so it’s not possible to go into a store to get a good feel of the machines and their capabilities).

    This is what I am after:

    · Semi-Auto
    · $1500 would be the most I could pay
    · A machine which is REALLY heavy and solid, i.e. no plastic-y group handles etc,
    · The least amount of fancy buttons, or none at all, (mechanical over electrical) the better…..
    · A traditional knob for steam too – not a button. Excellent steam power is essential
    · Must be able to brew and steam at the same time

    If you have a coffee machine with these features and you’re happy with it, I would LOVE to hear from you, OR if there are any I should stay away from too, that would be great to know.

    Also I have been toying with the possibility of purchasing a manual machine…I’ve never used one but have always fancied them, is there anybody who could recommend any or possibly even dissuade me from this :P ?

    Thanks so much, I really look forward to your advice,


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    Welcome to CS.

    Honestly, when you stipulate a budget, it is very difficult then to dictate the features you expect to get for the money. You will get what you get, within the available price.

    Also, does your budget include the grinder, or just the machine?

    If its just the machine, suggest first up our BFC Diadema Junior "PUL" model, of which I have a small number left at end of fin year stock take sale price. Its just outside your stated budget but some things are worth striving for.

    Its a 1.3 litre semi commercial heat exchanger (HX) machine (with E61 grouphead).

    Solid, heavy (around 22kg dry from memory). Corrosion proofed anodised steel chassis, all stainless steel body & drip tray. 2 x commercial group handles.

    Ahh yeah....the best drip tray in its class as far as I am concerned, and an excellent semi commercial espresso machine.

    See if I can dig up a photo and come back (and of course the tamper and stand in the photo are at extra cost...they're just props for the photo).

    Its available though myself and selected agents.

    And as per your second choice (manual machine), I also have a PV Lusso in stock. A great little machine.

    Hope that helps.
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      Not quite for the price but the La Scala Butterfly does everything you want and maybe more. I can't fault it. Have a look