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Anyone getting a leak with a VBM Domobar Junior

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  • Anyone getting a leak with a VBM Domobar Junior

    I'm getting a minor leak in my new machine - it is actually the 3-way valve when it releases pressure (usually only after doing a backflush with a blind filter or if I pull a really tight shot). The force of the water escaping seems to splash in the drip tray and over the back of the tray where it then runs out the bottom of the machine as the tray 'holder' is only spot welded in a couple of spots so if the tray overflows it runs out the botton.

    I'm not too sure I have explained this very well.

    If I put a cloth under the valve, it doesn't leak and I'm positive this is only coming from the forct of the water splashing over the drip tray. It would cover a 50c piece.

    Anyone else see this?

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    I actually am beginning to wonder if me closing the valve (by ending the extraction) should be done a little slower as this migh eliminate some of the force.... Hmm.


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      No, I haven't had any issues in regards to what you describe and at times I close the lever faster than I need to.