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VBM Domobar Junior - Tamping and Dose

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  • VBM Domobar Junior - Tamping and Dose

    I've had this machine for a couple of months now and I'm still not exactly sure if I'm dosing correctly. Do I need to make sure that when I tamp it does not go past the line that is shown in the portafilter? I'm finding my coffee is running out way too fast and changing my grind doesn't seem to be helping all that much. I'm using a Vario grinder.

    Any suggestions?

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    Are the beans fresh? Can you choke the machine with the beans and your grinder? If you can choke it then back the grind off slightly.. If beans are old, get some fresh ones.

    I'd start off with weighing your beans to take the dose out of the equation.. Then grind finer, if no help, try fresh beans.. Check your grinder then your machine.

    How long is your pour?

    Not sure where your at but if your in Adelaide then I'd be happy to compare my machine to yours..


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      Yes, the beans are fresh. What do you mean by choke it?

      Anyway, I've found if I grind, tamp then grind some more and tamp it down again to make it even more packed it usually comes out a lot slower but sometimes it's too much and drips out but the taste isn't as bitter.

      How hard are you supposed to tamp down and how do you work out the correct dose? I grind for 6.2 seconds using the Vario grinder then even it out, grind some more, wipe any excess off the top and tamp. Is this process somehow incorrect?


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        You need to fill the basket to about 5mm from the top. On my tamper it has 2 lines showing at this point. You can also try the 5c test to see if you are over dosing.

        You should apply 15kg pressure - bathroom scales can help you know what this feels like.

        Once you are dosing to the correct level, adjust the grind to get the desired flow rate approx 60ml in 30 seconds for the double basket.

        I grind a fixed amount (timed) Tap the PF down a few times and level off with the top of the cbasket with my finger and tamp.


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          Hey Anthony,

          I also have the same combo as you (jnr and the Vario), I had a bit of trouble finding correct dose and grind settings for a while too. My problem was that I was inconsistent with my routine, one shot would have a lot of channeling and would gush out and then when I would fine up the grind I would get no channeling and the pour would be too slow. I know all beans/machines/grinders are different but to give you an indication, for the beans I am using at the moment my grinder is set to macro 2 (one down from the top) and between C-E on the micro (3-5) down from the top. I am dosing about 18g which is roughly a 14 second dose. This is giving me about 60ml in 25secs...give or take a few second either side.

          As I said I was having a bit of trouble with channeling and the problem I think was with my technique (too much going on) so I have now simplified it to just dosing and levelling, no WDT and no tapping/knocking, a firm tamp and slight twist/polish with no or little pressure. This has worked for me but may not for you.

          I have only had my machine a few months too so am far, far from an expert but this is what I have found to work for me.

          Good luck.
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            Hey Anth,

            Different machine I know but may be of some help?

            The best roast I've tasted - YouTube