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Tech specs for old Wega

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  • Tech specs for old Wega

    Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a small coffee shop that comes with an old coffee machine. I'm really struggling to find information on the machine and my lack of experience is not helping.

    It's a semi-automatic Wega with one group head. On the metal plate is "Anzola deli'Emilia", which I'm assuming is where it was made. It also has W2700 (wattage?), V230 (volts?) and a number 231555.

    What I'm wanting to know is:

    1) whether this machine has a three way valve system,
    2) whether it has to be plumbed into mains or will work from water tanks (so that it is relatively mobile), and
    3) what the group head size is likely to be.

    Can I just take these for granted? Should I rather pay first to have the machine serviced by a technician?

    Finally, any ideas on what it would be valued at once restored to good working condition?

    Any guidance greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to CS.

    Check the compliance plate for a year model. If it doesnt have it, telephone Genovese Coffee and see if their service section can give you an idea of age based on the serial number.

    In any case you should call a local espresso machine repairer and pay them to take a look and check all functions...its the only way you are going to know if all is ok to use in your business.

    With respect, if want to do business the last thing you want to do is restore something. "Restoration" suggests an aged piece of equipment that is nolonger up to the job, in which case it shouldn't have any value in your contract of purchase.

    Question (1) actually should be (as with all the other equipment in the coffee shop you are looking at): Does it work? No, not does it flow water....does it make coffee well? If it does and all functions work, you are on your way with minimal fuss!

    Otherwise, you could be paying money for plant and equipment that is not fit for purpose. Check all, not just the coffee machine. Many is the time we have seen people buy businesses where the plant and equipment died in the first few weeks after they took over. ie they paid for plant that should have been for the tip, and this is all part of your Due Diligence to make sure ythat what you are buying is kosha (do your due diligence before, not after taking over as some people do, and if necessary as mentioned above, get professional service providers to help you).

    EDIT / On second thought, ask the vendor for the names of the service providers they use for the various equipment in the shop, and talk to them. If the vendor wont give you the names, there could be a problem. Check refrigerated equipment especially.

    Commercial espresso machines have 3 way solenoid valves on the groups, and your brand uses 58 mm filters. They are usually plumbed permanently into position and you dont move them around.

    The rest is for your service provider or coffee supplier.

    Hope that helps.
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