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New to the forum...hoping someone can help...!

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  • New to the forum...hoping someone can help...!

    I have an old Bezzera VZ35 There is steam for frothing and the pressure is correct but the water coming out of the group head is only luke warm. Nicola

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    Welcome Nicola. Your machine is probably a BZ35 (ie not sure if there is a Bezzera VZ35)

    It's a bit hard to say what the problem is based on the info provided.
    Have you had this machine for a while working correctly but has only recently shown a drop in temp?
    If recently acquired, how long are you letting the machine warm up for before trying to make coffee? While the boil may reach heat fairly quickly, you need at a fair bit more time for the group head to warm up.
    It could need adjustment but need to eliminate other factors first.


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      Thank-you for your prompt reply.....

      I have had the machine for about 7 years and never had this problem before, I would be grateful of any suggestions.


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        Without the opportunity to inspect the machine, I can only suggest taking it somewhere to have checked out.
        Where do you live - someone might be able to recommend a good tech?


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          I'm in Orange


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            Taking it in somewhere to get it checked out is probably your best bet. Any commercial espresso machine service agent should be able to help you out..