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    New coffee snob here. I've just scored a 2nd hand BFC Junior Lever on Ebay, and I'd love to find somewhere local to get it serviced. All the sponsors seem to be in Sydney (or further away). I'm pretty sure there are some snobs from Wollongong on here. Where are you guys getting your machines serviced?


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    Global Coffee Solutions
    Jardine Street
    Fairy Meadow

    Can you let me have the serial number please and I'll let them know you are coming?


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      Originally posted by mpc View Post
      Where are you guys getting your machines serviced?
      At my house, by me.
      Global as mentioned by Fresh_Coffee seems to do the majority of commercial servicing that I've seen.


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        Hello again.

        Thanks for the PM but please note I am still unable to reply to PM's due to some kind of bug in the system.

        If you email direct to I can reply off forum.

        The first four digits of the serial number will suffice as they indicate month and year of manufacture and help with specific model ID for service and spare parts purposes. The rest of the number ID's the actual machine and leads us to individual machine service history (if there is any) and especially wrt any component upgrades that may have been done or should be done etc.

        They are nice machines and perform in excellent manner if treated and learned right.



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          Thanks for the help. The serial number is 100936717. I'll contact Global sometime this week.

          Any specific tips or info for this machine? I've done a fair bit of searching/reading, but would welcome any tips as it's my first real espresso machine.


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            Ok, a nice late model, should be in great nik!

            re tips....not really. The machine is very easy to use and forgiving of new operators. Probably the best tip i can give you is to get your grind / dose / tamp technique down pat as early as you can because that will make or break your coffee. Once you get that right you should get (assuming use of good "fresh coffee") the "guiness effect" with every brew (crema rising from the bottom of the espresso glass during the pour). Its not hard and wil, give great satisfaction.



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              Thanks for that. It does seem to be in good condition, and I've really been enjoying playing with it so far. Looking forward to some great tasting coffee.


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                Originally posted by Fresh_Coffee View Post
                Global Coffee Solutions
                Jardine Street
                Fairy Meadow

                Can you let me have the serial number please and I'll let them know you are coming?
                Hope someone who finds this post can give me the answer that I am looking for. I have an Isomac Millenium that I would like to have serviced thoroughly prior to putting it up for sale (it has always been maintained carefully but I figure it's a small price to pay for a potential buyer's peace of mind). Unfortunately, the company listed above only do commercial coffee machines and the other local company I contacted only do domestic (at least that's what I was told when I contacted them a fortnight ago). It would seem that in terms of coffee machines, this puts me in some weird state of limbo. I would love to get the name of a reliable local service agent as I will be needing a machine to be plumbed in in the not too distant future. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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                  Global *should* be able to point you in the direction of another service provider in the area that will do your *semi commercial* machine. Yes, I spoke to one of their directors over Christmas and he advised they have their hands full now and are referring jobs (including some of their own) out to others. Failing that, I would suggest a quick call to the Isomac dealer in Sydney for advice.

                  Failing those two avenues suggest call "australian beverage systems" and ask them as they too, if they cant do it themselves, will know someone.

                  The operative word is *will* (know someone).

                  There is service available in Wollongoing, it's just the act of finding it!

                  Note however, you may find some resistance to "service" where there is no actual problem manifested to repair, and you will need to discuss that with the individual repairer. Going on their advice, give them a clear brief as to what to do. What you authorise should then be noted on the book in sheet, they will be able to give you a rough "budget" as to probable cost, and everyone will be happy in the end.

                  Good luck.

                  Please try those first. If you have any problems after that, email me (no PM's as they dont work for my account here) and I will make a couple of calls for you.

                  very first CS site sponsor


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                    Thanks Attilio. A Yellow Pages search of Isomac dealers netted me an agent who also does servicing who is only 15 minutes south of where I am.