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Expobar stem arm too hot to touch

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  • Expobar stem arm too hot to touch

    Hi all

    I have an Expobar Minore IV
    I would just like to ask, if the steam arm is meant to be too hot to touch while steaming
    It's been like this since I got it.

    I thought they were meant to be cool to touch

    Is something loose?


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    Hi Joyo,

    I cant give you an explaination for why it is but i will say mine is also the same. Since i got it its been to hot to touch.




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      G'day Chris and Joyo,

      Some cool to touch wands get warm or hot because steam within the tip bleeds up the wand between the teflon insert and the wand body.

      The fix is an o-ring placed over the end of the teflon tube and within the tip to ensure a "steam-tight" seal. You should see a significant change in heat levels.



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        Thanks Chris

        I suspect this means a bunnings trip


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          hmm I wouldn't recommend an o-ring from bunnings unless you want to replace it daily. It will be plain nitrile rubber which is useless in applications where steam is involved. You want a material called Viton, which means a trip to an industrial bearing supplier or a coffee machine specialist. Best course of action would be to ring whoever supplied your machine and check whether they can offer a fix.


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            Thanks coffee-machinist,

            Any suggestion of which store?
            I picked up the machine second hand


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              Where are you located?

              If you go to a bearing supplier, they will want to know the inside and outside diameter of the o-ring you need, which means measuring it accurately or taking the whole wand in to check the fit. It doesn't have to be exact, as long as it has a big enough cross section to seal between the teflon pipe and the steam tip.


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                hi coffee machinist

                I'm in Burwood VIC

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                  if you're ever around Abbotsford, Southern Bearings on Mollison st. keep a good stock of viton o-rings and they should be able to find one suitable if you take in the wand or accurate measurements.

                  Failing that, Disave in Dandenong are the Australian Expobar importer. Or, you could bring the machine to any site sponsor who do repairs (myself included) and they can sort it for you.


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                    I much prefer EPR over Viton for steam applications , seems to last alot longer.


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                      I called up the importers, they replaced the silicon tube inside
                      They said it was a bit short, so it's longer now, and sits on the inside of the steam tip.

                      However same problem still to hot to touch.
                      I wonder whether it's because I lean the jug against the steam wand, and the heat from the jug heats the wand?

                      Haven't got my hands on those o rings yet to try