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VBM Super Lever problems after service.

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  • VBM Super Lever problems after service.

    I have recently had my three year old VBM serviced for the first time by a professional (not just me tinkering). There are a couple of issues:

    When I pull a shot without a group handle for 30 seconds it releases about 110ml of water. I hadn't measure it previously but it would have done at least twice that amount before service. How much should be coming out?

    When I attempt a normal everyday shot it takes at least 10 seconds for the coffee to start coming out of the group handle spout. It starts of as a trickle then finishes as a gush. It does fill a 30ml shot glass in 30 seconds though. It used to be more consistent throughout the pull.

    Is there an adjustment I need to make somewhere?

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    Welcome splendstrom,

    It sounds like you have a volumetric machine. If so, the pour time may need to be reset.

    The delay is fine, but the pour you describe sounds very much like stale coffee to me. Try it again with some coffee which you are certain was roasted in the last couple of weeks.

    Good luck.



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      Sorry my first post was a bit rushed.

      It is a manual machine so I timed it pushing the lever back after 30 seconds. I will try with some fresh coffee as the stuff that was in the grinder was quite old (was bought before the machine was serviced).

      The pressure ramped up very quickly before the service showing between 11-12 on the scale. It now goes slightly higher but takes longer to get there (i.e. when it starts coming out the group handle spout).

      I should also mention that these are single shots and that before I timed the shot (30 seconds) as soon as i pushed the lever down, hence why I am slightly confused!


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        Well, you were definitely right about the stale coffee. The shot was a lot more consistent than the old beans. That lasted about 2 days and I thought everything would be fine!

        However, the group head no longer has any water coming out of it! I can hear the pump going and it appears to be up to temperature but the pressure does not go up and steam just sort of hisses out of it (without the group handle in). Very strange.

        Could something be obstructing the flow?


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          It appears there was! I think the coffee machine guys did not test it once the outer case was on. It was pinching both hoses that go into the water tank and presumably to the pumps. Hopefully it hasn't done any damage to the pumps.


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            Even if you've managed to fix it, I'd be at least calling the shop and ensuring that my complaint was officially registered. Just in case something adverse happens later due to their negligence.



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              Sometimes accidents happen...

              In the case of this machine, it's easy to crimp the silicon lines when the cover goes back onto the machine. Whilst it's unfortunate that it occurred and it's something that needs to be checked, it's just a mistake and no damage done.

              It's a good idea to make contact with the repairer to let him know it happened, but I am not so sure that a complaint is warranted. I think a heads up would probably be enough and would make for a better relationship as well.
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