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Was that an electric shock?

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  • Was that an electric shock?

    Ooh this made me nervous.

    I was making a late night latte, and felt a *zap* when I moved the steam wand.

    It was from a new Rocket Evoluzione machine. I have made about 10 coffees so far but no problem until now!

    Am I just imagining things - or could there be a fault?!

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    Hi Rob, first question is do you have a Residual Current Device / Safety Switch on the circuit which your coffee machine is connected to. Also your machine MUST be adequately earthed - are you by any chance using a power plug adapter. If it is properly earthed, you do have an RCD, and the machine is not causing it to trip when it's operating, there's no fault and it was probably static build up discharging itself. If you don't have an RCD or are unsure, don't use the machine and have a sparky check it IMMEDIATELY!


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      If it's a new machine Rob, get it checked out ASAP by the people you purchased it from.


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        Originally posted by Yelta View Post
        If it's a new machine Rob, get it checked out ASAP by the people you purchased it from.
        I agree,

        The machine is new. Way better safe than sorry.


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          Thanks for all your help. I did a little test with a multimeter today, and there was a reading of 4.4V when the pump was running between the machine (the body of the machine, including steam wand and sides of machine - NOT drip tray) and ground (I used the tap of the kitchen sink). When the pump was not running it read about 1.2V. SO there is definitely a change when the pump comes on.

          I am emailing the people I bought it from to see what they can do about a repair.

          But thanks heaps for your advice. No more coffees until it is fixed... Hold out!