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  • $1500 - $2000 to spend...

    Hi guys

    It's been a while since I've been on the CS site.. been trying not to spend money!

    But the time has come for an upgrade of my espresso machine. Got $1500 - $2k to spend. Have an Isomac Granmachaninio grinder at home and don't necessarily want to upgrade that just yet (although she's a bit noisy).

    I'd like something that is quiet and preferably has a hot water wand / spout too. Primarily drink black coffee. I'd be interested in up to 2 year old models or well maintained demonstrator machines as well..

    Your thoughts would be valuable.


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    This one:


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      loving my Lelit PL60T I've had since July. The taste of my coffee improved immediately.


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        Or if looking for a great value HX machine, a new base model BFC / Diadema Junior "PUL"

        Note, the tamper and stand in the photo are only props and not included in the std package except with price adjustment.

        Also, we do offer a package that includes a far better matching (to the machine) grinder than the one you currently have.

        Enquiries to: or
        02 6280 7511
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          Hi boots where are you located ?


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            Im in Sydney


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              Private Message Sent boots


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                Hi boots. By all means check out what's available second hand, especially if it's been looked after by a careful CS'er.

                But we do have both the Diadema Junior PUL and Lelit PL60T brand new for under $2K ...

                Happy to help provide more info offline or make contact here.


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                  I'd probably buy a Rocket Giotto or an Expobar Minore III, both can be had for $2k


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                    Originally posted by JamesM View Post
                    I'd probably buy a Rocket Giotto or an Expobar Minore III, both can be had for $2k
                    No. Not new, and not Australian configured and compliant stock. Best not promote unrealistic price expectations.

                    Second hand. Yes- go for it if you're confident to do it without support.


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                      Thanks for the responses guys. I've got a few in mind now and will do some more investigating. Feel free to suggest others that come to mind.


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                        Friend of mine bought a brand new Minore III from Dimattina WA about six weeks ago. "old model, discount". $2k.

                        St Ali sold a brand new Giotto a month or so ago for $1800. (so I saw on twitter anyway)

                        Both businesses clearly selling at a loss in this situation. I'm implying that you can seek an older model, brand new, AU stock, for the price range you are looking at.


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                          Hello James

                          There were a few Giotto's available here in Sydney a while back at a big discount. The catch was that they had been sitting in the warehouse for 4 years. The model had been superseded at least twice in that time. Anyone buying one of those machines saved $$$'s off the new rrp, and paid well over the going 2nd hand price.


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                            If you drink it black then you might be better with a good lever like the elektra mcal or a used Olympia Cremina. You can say goodbye to noisy pumps and hello to née flavors in your espresso.


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                              Dennis, indeed. Ultimately it's hard to go past a site sponsor, and if you are hanging out on the site, you can get extra support and tips/tricks from not only the sponsors but the community here.

                              I've had brilliant support from Talk Coffee (here on the site, even without a purchase), and DiBartoli.

                              Bargains can be had. Ideally, talk to a professional about your requirements so you can acquire a best-fit machine for your purposes. Being able to try the machines out is also a big plus. My local big-brand stockist is Dimattina in WA. I think "Talk Coffee" supplies machines there? Anyway, the range is huge. Rocket, VBM, expobar, simonelli, la marzocco, mazzer, hario, duetto and the support is excellent. In-house technicians, etc.

                              oh the choices!