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Group head thermometer on my NS Musica - advice?

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  • Group head thermometer on my NS Musica - advice?

    I'd like to install a thermometer on my Musica (HX). Its not an E-61. Any suggestions on where to buy the components and how to install one? Ideally I'd like to measure the brew water temp.


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    The majority of groupheads have an instrumentation port of some type on them, usually an M6 port, as to the location on the Musica, I can't really advise as I'm not familiar with NS groups.

    There are a couple of places you can get adapters which will allow you to mount a thermocouple in the instrumentation port, pid silvia (non-sponsor) is the first one I recall off hand, then you connect it to a temperature display, I'd suggest using a cheap PID for temperature read-out (because they are generally cheaper than straight digital temperature read-outs, NFI why, presumably something to do with manufacturing volumes), ideally you want to find a T-Type thermocouple as they are more accurate than the (more readily available) K-Type thermocouples (+/- 1.0 deg C for the less accurate (there are two accuracy grades) T-types versus +/- 2.5 deg C for the most accurate K-types).


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      Thanks for the advice jbrewster.
      Has anyone made a similar mod before and can advise a good supplier for the components?



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        I've done a similar mod to my Faema E98. Ordered parts from erics on the HB forum.


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          Just to clarify these tapped holes in groups rarely have anything to do with intended temperature or pressure monitoring - they are plugged holes left over from cross-drilling water channels through the solid brass castings. Using these ports for temp probes etc is a convenient afterthought.


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            Theres a thread on HB about doing this with an NS Oscar, which looks like the same group design, no 6mm port there so additional plumbing was required