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Wanting to upgrade recommendations please

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  • Wanting to upgrade recommendations please

    Hi There
    Long time lurker but first time poster. Really enjoy reading through the site & learning from the immense knowledge base here, so thank you!

    Anyway I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring & seek some advice please, I'm looking at upgrading from my La Pavoni Europiccola. Nowadays I need to pull a few more shots then what it's capable of & I'm also wanting something that doesn't tend to overheat (with successive shots). Initially I was attracted to the features & price of the BES900, but after reading through most of the BES 900 thread I'm concerned about some of the issues people are having with the machine. Anyway with this upgrade in mind & life is short thought I might up the ante, so can budget around $2-2.5kish. I am needing to do a combo of straight shots as well as milk based. I've been checking out a few vids online on varying machines (I'm in rural NSW so a bit hard to drop into a sponsor's/specialist shop to check things out), I was looking at the Lelit PL060T, however the Nuova Simonelli Musica has also caught my eye. Should I be looking at something else? Any suggestions appreciated.....


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    Welcome R, what grinder do you have? at that price bracket there is a wealth of choice for a HX machine. The Musica certainly has it's fan club, you either love or loath it's styling. Other brands to consider are VBM, Rocket, Diadema, Bezzera, Giove & Expobar. There are others I haven't listed but geez, confusion reins. Maybe send a enquiry to the CS sponsors with your requirements and those that can help will reply with their suggestions/recommendations& importantly $'s. No machine is perfect but you will learn to live with it's quirks. Enjoy the search & good luck.