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Giotto Classic help - Loosing steam

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  • Giotto Classic help - Loosing steam

    On the giotto classic subject im looking for some help with mine its about 10yrs old now i recently run it out of water,yes big no no but i thought i might have gotten away with it but its still working but loses steam quickly when steaming milk and twice now its gone crazy and kept heating up and the gauge was way over where it was supposed to be and it returned to normal after i switched it off,but definatly has a problem and i was wondering if
    anyone would know what needs replacing on it ,it is still working at the moment,i would like to fix it myself if possible . watto

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    Hello Kev,

    You're in the Gaggia Classic thread here

    I'd think a service is called for. You either have a faulty pressurestat or a blockage in the line to the pressurestat- due to age and/or scale. It may need a descale and other items may need to be attended to as well.

    Steam is not one of the strong points of the Giotto Classic. Later models are far superior in this sense.



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      yes i have had a few services and one was for a descale i clean it with caffetto the thing i was worried about was the time it just kept heating up with the gauge going up to 2.0 way pastthe red zone it hasnt done it for a few weeks now i was hopeing to find out what would cause that and see about replacing the part as i have downloaded a breakdown diagram of the machine which i souced from here as funds are a bit short at the moment and when i have had it serviced in the past they havent missed me,sorry if im in the wrong section im still finding my way around.