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  • Rancilio S27?

    Hey all..

    Currently getting to the stage where I am beginning to outgrow my Gaggia Classic and I am considering my next potential upgrade... Now if I could buy anything i wanted.. I would be going out and getting a Expobar Minore IV - but the $2500 pricetag is a bit steep at the moment....

    An also looking at a secondhand Rancilio S27...

    1) Are these decent machines and are there any particular problems that I should be looking out for when purchasing.

    2) Is there any way to run one of these from a water reservoir? Or do I need posative pressure from main water to actually feed the thing?

    3) What would be a decent price for one of these.... Current asking price is $500 which would appear to be a good deal.

    Any feedback or advice gladly accepted.....

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    Is an Expobar Leva too expensive?


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      Will probably have to start looking downrange a bit from the Dual boiler machines so a HX may make perfect sense... YEs - still really too expensive, but can always stretch the budget....

      I would REALLY like to make the next machine I buy to be the the last (hahaha) - Have gone from a relatively crappy Krups unity, to a Gaggia classic.....

      Was just looking at the S27 as it appeared that it would have been a lot of machine for the money!


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        The S27 is a big machine, running from a tank is fine but the machines size already takes up alot of space without considering the tank

        If you're ok with second hand, nuova simonelli oscars pop up alot on the bay for around $500 which IMO is great value, and the minor III & IV has sold a few times at 1500-1600


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          Originally posted by Jimmytheboot View Post
          The S27 is a big machine, running from a tank is fine but the machines size already takes up alot of space without considering the tank
          A tank doesn't have to add much to the space the machine takes up - my Saeco/Gaggia Aroma Compact 1 Group is a fairly bulky machine compared to a Rancilio, but complete with tank setup it only occupies 55cm of bench. In my last house (a renter) I had it plumbed, since buying a house it's tanked until I can build the coffee bar in the corner of the living room. The tank is a 10 litre plastic jerry can style container from Bunnings, it takes a screw-in plastic tap at the bottom front which I just replaced with a brass adapter to connect the 3/8" braided hose to the machine. Easy to keep an eye on the level since it's right next to the machine, takes up only 15cms worth of bench, and with the hose connected at the bottom the pump is kept permanently primed without having to elevate the tank.


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            Thanks for all the advice.... I let the S27 slide...... Going to hold out till I afford the machine I want.....


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              I had an S27 for about 4 years - it made better coffee than other more expensive prosumer coffee machines that I've owned and the build quality is very industrial! Mine was about 15yrs old and it never missed a beat

              Although, I recently traded it in for a Rancilio Epoca, which in theory at least has the same internals, albeit with an insulated boiler, but I find the overall build quality to be inferior to the S27 - as the tacky plastic sides kept falling off - so much so that I eventually removed them permanently and replaced them with custom build stainless sides- which look shmick and do a much better job!

              My S27 was hard to kill - we'd even throw it in the back if the trailer and take it camping and hook it up to a generator - I'd probably be reluctant to do that with the Epoca though - too many plastic bits...


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                Now you are making me regret my decision to not bid on the S27... Ah well.. Too late now :-)


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                  $500 is a great price for an S27.
                  Built like a tank, huge boiler, rotary pump - just lacks an e-61 group head, although I don't have any issue with what it comes with.
                  I've had mine since 2006 and it gets used every day - probably similar vintage to askthecoffeeguy's machine.

                  I've been running off a camping jerry as well - although I have mine raised up a level on the breakfast bar, with the S27 on the main bench.
                  I've thought about plumbing it - but I'm not overly bothered with the current refill regime.

                  I also made a sack out of some Insulbrite material to insulate the boiler and I've found that it cycles less and uses less power, without really mucking up the cup warmer.

                  Having said all that - it is HUGE and it's a special partner who'll accept that sort of thing in the kitchen.

                  About the only thing I'll upgrade to is a dual boiler.


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                    Well.. Bit the bullet..

                    Now the proud owner of a (secondhand) Vibemme Domobar Super........ Kind of forced into it due to my gaggia classic dying a horrible death.....


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                      I know you have already picked up something else, but for the benefit of others stumbling across this in the future looking for S27 info...

                      I have an S26 plumbed in, I love it. I used to run it off a tank with no problem but never set it up neatly so quickly got sick of the plastic-bottle-with-flexi-hose look. The only thing about running off a bottle is that you can get yourself into trouble if it's on an on/off if you spontaneously go away for the week and forget to turn it soon find out where the thermal overload switch is. Don't judge.

                      Once I found a good balance between preferred steam pressure and cooling flushes it continues to make great coffee 3-4 times every day without skipping a beat, for the last 3 years. But what I really love is that it can crank out a pretty high volume at dinner parties/birthdays etc. Its solidly built (the sides are cast for crying out loud!) and is quite a simple design that's easily stripped down if anything does need replacing. Parts would also be pretty easy to get hold of too.
                      I'm a big fan and think they're underrated, but I can see that if you get your pressurestat settings wrong they would run hot.