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Diadema Junior Plus + Smartgrinder setting

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  • Diadema Junior Plus + Smartgrinder setting


    First of all, props to Chris at talkCoffee who walked my wife through the purchase. Great advice and service. It was a *very* nice birthday surprise (goes without saying, the wife too, is great ). I've been using the machine for over a month now and very very impressed with the quality of coffee despite the ham-handedness of the operator.

    My question to the brains trust is what is your usual setting for the Breville Smartgrinder if you have a machine with an e-61 head like the Diadema? I've been playing around with the two/three clicks below the finest setting and while the coffee is very nice (better than what I could do with my Rancilio) the crema seems a bit thin. The pour is going into a shot glass so I'm not over extracting but crema doesn't seem to quite build up to the head that I've been used to. The Diadema settings have not been changed in any way (I understand that it is calibrated before it is shipped so I'm happy to leave it as is). My batch of beans were fresh (only a week old) from Veneziano when I started brewing with the new machine.

    Of course, there is a high chance it could be me but I'd like to hear from other owners of the Diadema. If you combine it with the Smartgrinder, that'll be a plus to hear your thoughts. Thanks.


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    Congrats on your purchse Damiano, very nice machine.

    These babies will produce "guiness effect" crema day in and day out when you nail all the variables. Do you have the right dose nailed? Its the first thing to get right, after which the correct grind follows wrt your settle /tamp technique. Chris will be able to sort you out as he also has a wealth of experience with the "smartgrinder".


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      Hi Damiano and congrats on your birthday and the present!

      As you're remote, best bet is some online viewing. I highly recommend the Espresso Company Australia online guide. It uses VBM and Rocket machines but is applicable to all e-61machines. The one observation I would make is that if I tap as much as Scottie does, I can't lock the group handle in! Perhaps keep it to 2 taps.

      You grinder and its settings will be specific to the individual unit, so it's unlikely the setting of other owners will work. My advice is grind manually, dose as directed and then set the shot timer so as to replicate the pour you get when you do it all manually.

      Good luck!



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        @Fresh_Coffee - Thanks for the tip. I'll check the dose. Good to know what type of crema I should be expecting/going for .
        @Talk_Coffee - Chris, thanks for the links and the tips. It will serve as a good baseline for me to start playing with Junior.