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Bezzera BZ02 group seal maintenance / troubleshooting leakage

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  • Bezzera BZ02 group seal maintenance / troubleshooting leakage

    Hi, hope you're all having a good (coffee dosed) holiday break if you're not busy working. :-)

    For holiday fun I decided to replace the hard old group head seal on our Bezzera BZ02... very good, all went well.
    Like all good maintenance I did some standard regular cleaning as well, thanks Cafetto, all looking clean.

    Now to the troubleshooting:

    I've run through a few test shots and water is escaping over the edge of the basket and some down the edge of the filter holder (semi clear, so it doesn't look like it has passed through the coffee).

    To try to see what's going on I ran some water through the group head / shower screen... I can see beads of water coming out of the side of the shower holder block (pictured at 8 below) and not all through the shower screen.

    Pictures are often helpful so I've linked to a snip from Bezzera BZ02 parts manual):
    * The leak is around the top of shower holder block - pictured at 8

    Possible solutions:
    * try gasket spacer shim - e.g. / coffeeparts Coffee Parts | Bezzera BZ02 Coffee Machines Spare Parts
    * unscrewing and reseating the shower holder block/screen shifts where the leakage/beads appear.
    * under dosing (doesn't really work)
    * other suggestions appreciated ?