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Isomac Zaffiro vs Lelit PL060T

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  • Isomac Zaffiro vs Lelit PL060T

    Hi guys,

    I'm in the market to replace my broken Aldi espresso machine...

    I had my heart set on a Isomac Tea but it was too big for my kitchen and a bit more than I wanted to spend.After a lot of reading, it seams that the Tea and the Zaffiro produce the same shots, so I started leaning towards the Zaffiro (I'm not much of a milk drinker, but it would have been nice to steam some occasional milk).

    But then I was put onto the Lelit PT060T! I know its not a e61, but the fact that it's a dual boiler really got my interest. However I can't find any reviews online whatsoever and don't want to take the risk. But given that the PT060T can have a PID is even more the reason why I struggle with the decision!

    I have a Mazzer Mini and at the moment only use 7 seeds beans.

    Anyone able to offer their opinion?

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    There are a few contradictions in your questions..
    If the "Tea" at $1300 is more than you want to spend, then how can you consider the Lelit ( PL60T ?) which costs even more ?
    .... also, if you are not a milk drinker, why do you think a dual boiler will be a rational choice ?
    The Zafiro is well capable of steaming milk on the occasions you may need it.
    PS..there is not much difference on size between the Tea and the Zafiro ? ( 30mm on width)


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      In Australia the Tea is around $2000 whereas the PT069T is around $1800.

      I'm happy drinking espresso which would be the majority of the time, but my wife is a latte drinker, but rarely has a coffee.

      I'm happy to wait to steam with the Zaffiro, but from what I've read you'll start getting annoyed after a couple of months and upgrade to a HX or DB.

      Thanks for the info on the Tea size. I actually thought it was a lot bigger from the photos and didn't read the specs. It's still too expensive though


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        I have a Zaffiro. I'm also the only one in the house who drinks coffee. Yes, the wait for steam can get annoying if you just want it now, but I find it rather relaxing.

        It does get annoying when you have to make more than two milk based coffees. And then someone who didn't want one wants one, and you have to purge like a madman until the head gets back to temp then pull another, then wait for steam... aaaaRRGGGHH.

        For me, it's great. Great espresso, great latte, great price.


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          Originally posted by alfiejohn View Post
          In Australia the Tea is around $2000..
          you need to look a little could save a lot of money . !
          start here...
          Another good alternative is the NS Oscar Italian HX m/c that you can find for under $1k..if you look in the right places.


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            If you're welling to spend Lelit/Zaffiro money ($1500-1700), you should consider the Diadema Junior SA - Chris at Talk Coffee has them on sale at the moment. Go here. Get a login password from Chris to access the specials page or speak to him directly about the Diadema Junior SA. You will get as good espresso from it as the Zaffiro and the added bonus of HX steam-as-you-wish functionality for similar money.


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              Thanks for the plug Ben,

              Many have found that Diadema build quality is second to none and that they deliver in the cup as well. They are bulletproof.

              I have personally used the Junior SA PUL twice for gatherings of 50+ and they do it easily. I feel that Diadema is a very worthy inclusion in this list. My opinion is that the espresso it produces is well ahead of the suggestions above. FWIW, I really dont rate the Oscar in this group.

              The Lelit is an excellent machine as well. It's a totally different machine to the Diadema being much lighter and with the dual boiler PID technology. I travelled with one and was pleased with its performance. The move to a 58mm group is a big plus for this particular Lelit.



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                No worries Chris. I am very very satisfied with my Junior and am very happy to plug it. It has not skipped a single beat since I got it - everything is rock solid and just works. Coffee (with or without milk) has never been better!

                alfiejohn: how are you going with your decision? Btw, I upgraded from the Zaffiro to the Junior. I was uncertain whether I should have or not at the time, but I have no regrets at all... in fact, I'm much more glad I did than I thought I would be!

                Edit: just had to add, for the money the Junior is going for, I just don't think it can be beat!


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                  Originally posted by benandfaith View Post
                  just had to add, for the money the Junior is going for, I just don't think it can be beat!
                  Nice m/c ...but since it is bigger in size and $400 more than the "Tea" ..i dont see how it would suit the OP's requirements. ?