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Newbie Question - Expobar Minore / Brewtus IV vs. Breville Dual Boiler

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  • Newbie Question - Expobar Minore / Brewtus IV vs. Breville Dual Boiler

    Hi All,

    Been lurking awhile and I see a great Owners Thread for the Breville Dual Boiler machine on here, but I don't see a similar thread for Expobar Minore IV / Brewtus IV. I've had the Rancilio Silvia for a long time and am looking to upgrade to a dual boiler machine. Some vendors I talk to claim that they expect the Minore IV (called Brewtus here) to be way more reliable than the Breville due to its commercial components, ease of service, etc. Of course the Breville is less expensive but on the outside the features / useability look fantastic.

    So my question is sort of broad to the regulars on here - what do you think of one machine vs. the other? I see many users complaining of problems with their Breville machine after ~6 mos to a year of ownership. However I'm not sure whether the percentage of owners with problems are small relatively to the broad ownership base. Also, I'm not sure whether Expobar owners face similar types of problems also - or is it truly "built like a tank" like some proponents claim? Reason I ask is that it's about a 700-900 dollar difference. Maybe Breville would save money in the short run, but after the 1 year warranty I'm not sure it would in the long run if it keeps breaking down, especially if the Expobar unit generally does NOT break down. Also, I see a lot of ad hoc "solutions" for the problems that the Breville has but I'm not sure that these ad hoc solutions should be necessary at this price point. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi there coffeefan, I will say this as simply as I can and for what it is worth it's only my opinion. I own a Expobar minore and I love it. Before owning one I have owned many other machines including a breville which was my first ever machine. There is a big jump not just in price but also build quality compared to a few machines which I have had. Not to say these machines aren't any good it really comes down to what you are looking for and what you can afford to spend. When I first had all my other machines I was happy with them but felt each time I wanted to upgrade. Even now I want to up grade to something better that this Expobar. All in all this machine has not once missed a beat, it's hard to make a bad coffee from it, mind you like any machine a lot comes down to the effort one puts into making the coffee. You can have a really nice machine but if you don't have good quality fresh beans and a suitable grinder the coffee you are making may be no different to what you can produce from a lower end machine like a breville. All. In all I'm more than 100% happy with my Expobar minore

    Ps did you say you live in Australia or America?




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      Thank you for your feedback Chris. I'm from the U.S.... it's called Brewtus here.


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        Anyone other Expobar owners out there with feedback?


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          Welcome coffeefan,

          You may find that it's difficult to elicit anything other than opinion on this topic as there would be very few (if any?) who own/ed both a Minore and a Breville.

          The Expobar machine is certainly "built like a tank" and in my experience, they're very reliable when correctly cared for.

          As for the Breville, yes- there have been issues reported here, but I suspect that there are thousands of happy owners with reliable machines who don't contribute to coffee forums.

          My opinion is that there is little doubt that a Minore will outlive a Breville, but I'm sure that purchasers would expect that it's not for a lifetime. Both are good machines. For mine, the e-61 group seems to add a touch more body to the cup.



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            Originally posted by coffeefan01 View Post
            Anyone other Expobar owners out there with feedback?
            I have a Minore III dual boiler and could not be happier. While I cannot compare it directly to the Breville I can vouch for the build of the Expobar and the quality of the shots it pulls.

            It is also a work horse, we had a large gathering at our house over the weekend for a brunch and the Minore never skipped a beat pulling shots and steaming milk at the same time like a champ for most of the morning.


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              FWIW, I've never heard of anyone upgrading from a Minore to a Breville, however I've certainly heard of the reverse taking place, draw your own conclusions.


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                Originally posted by coffeefan01 View Post
                Anyone other Expobar owners out there with feedback?
                My Expobar IS built like a tank.
                It gets an annual service and has only had the mushroom changed (water quality issue) and the safety valve recently reseated.
                After several years of use I thought it might need replacing when I noticed a leak but it wasn't necessary.
                They aren't as pretty as some machines but I prefer bang for buck and function over form.


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                  I upgraded from a Silvia to a Minore II over 6 years ago and have been very happy with the machine.
                  It is a solidly built machine and with proper treatment, I see it lasting many more years.
                  It has had a couple of hiccups here and there. 1 issue under warranty, 1 issue not under warranty and a couple of services. The servicing costs over the 6 years are less than $500 mark. The last service was to do the seals etc. which were LONG overdue. When it came back, it was like having a brand new machine! Feed it good water and decent beans and it will serve you well.
                  I have not owned, nor used the Breville, so I cannot really add much in that area.
                  It is a FAR more forgiving machine to use than the Silvia.
                  I really like mine and have no desire to change in the forseeable future.



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                    Hi Coffeefan01,
                    I had downgraded from a commercial 2 group head coffee machine (Unic Rhumba) to an Expobar Minore II when I sold my previous business and I have never looked back. My reason for buying the Expobar in the first place was that a work colleague made me a coffee at their home and the coffee he made was "really" good. I never expected such a good coffee from a home machine. That was over 2 years ago! Its never missed a beat and I have always thoroughly cleaned it.
                    Best regards and I bet I know which one you will choose!
                    Grind Mobile


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                      i have a minore II and have loved it, only ever had one minor issue (power switch broke which was quite common) and it has been reliable, consistent and a pleasure to use always. I went from a little saeco to a silvia to the minore and the minore is by the far the easiest to use


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                        I have owned a Breville Dual Boiler for 20 months. I cannot tell you about the Expobar Minore as I have never owned or used one.

                        The only trouble I have had in that time is an O ring failure that was fixed under warrantee in one day. Otherwise it hasn’t missed a beat.

                        The Breville may not be built like a tank but what disadvantage is that? In what way is the Exobar built like a tank? No one has fired a missile at my BDB, nothing has fallen off it yet and I don’t think that any army tank is designed to make good coffee. The BDB may not have tank like caterpillar tracks but it does have wheels to move it around the bench and a lot of other good features.

                        You buy whatever machine suits your needs and your pocket. From what I see on the net the Exobar costs about double the price of the Breville Dual Boiler. Bang for bucks I don't think you can do better than a Breville DB.

                        It’s a pity that the BDB is no longer sold by Site Sponsors. I bought mine from Dennis Wells at Cupacoffee while he was a Sponsor.



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                          I owned a BDB for around 6 months before it failed (the O valve problem) and with myriad reports of these problems began to wonder at the longevity of the BDB.

                          I ended up selling the BDB and purchased a VBM Domobar junior - wish I went that route to start with to be honest but was swayed by the glowing reports and also the fact that there were site sponsors speaking in glowing terms about it.

                          Anyway, each to their own but I'm now seeing people with the BDB on their second repair so I don't think my fears are ungrounded.


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                            I had the same question myself recently. I went to many stores looking and playing with the breville dual bolier but in the end I got a second hand expobar minore II. After having my sunbeam em6910 die on me I wanted more of a longer lasting commercial type quality machine instead of an appliance not made to last a lifetime.


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                              I just went through a similar exercise and ended up getting the Brewtus. I'm very happy with my decision.
                              You can find my thread here: