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Thoughts on Bezzera Magica vs other E61 machines?

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  • Thoughts on Bezzera Magica vs other E61 machines?

    I'm trying to work out which E61 machine to buy.

    Di Bartoli, for instance, have the Magica for $2295, the Technika IV Profi for $2375 and the Giotto Premium Plus V2 for $2495.

    I'm looking at $2500 or less and I'm trying to find reasons to choose one over another - and not just from these machines.

    Anyone with an opinion on this?

    (I've also posted a WTB for a used machine in the Hardware For Sale forum.)



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    In my relatively inexperienced opinion...
    (I have owned a NS Oscar [not e61], an Isomac Millennium [e61] and had quite an in depth look at the same machines as you when buying my new one, but ended up with an Izzo Duetto [e61])
    ... there's not a lot of difference between these machines.
    1) At the end of the day the shots will be very similar if not exactly the same (small differences in thermosyphon design may make tiny differences in the cup, but if it tuned well i'd be surprised if you'd notice).
    2) Milk steaming might be a little different, slightly different user techniques will slightly favour one machine over the other, so figure out which one you find the most comfotable and easy to steam on.
    3) The biggest difference is ergonomics and design. Pick the one you like the look and feel of the most.

    For my money, I'd take the Technika Profi. Why? I like the design more than the others (although the Magica is very similar - I think it uses some of the same body parts), I like the steam leavers, I like the hinged water tank lid, and I like that the portfilters have nice handles.

    They're the sort of differences that would make you choose one over the other between those 3 (and possibly other e61s) IMHO. You can't go wrong with any of them.

    Best of luck!


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      Hi Bames,

      Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I'm leaning towards the Technika also. ECM Germany seems to have the reputation for good (German) build and the reliable E61 quality. Hadn't even noticed the portafilter handles, but I like that it has steam and hot water levers, not knobs.

      As you say also, any of these E61 machines will no doubt deliver excellent shots for many years (depending on my abilities) - but such a machine is still probably the most expensive single thing I've had to make a decision about other than a car and a house. So I'm trying, at least, to put some thought into it before I go out in the end and more than likely make a completely emotional decision about it.



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        Hi Alan,

        I was in a similar boat prior to christmas, tossing up between the same three machines. In the end i went with an ECM profi rotary with a switch for tank -> plumbed. That switch was one of the main selling points for me as, like you, i found this to be a sizeable investment and wanted something with longevity. I'm currently renting, but the switch option allows me to plumb it in when i purchase a place. Ultimately i intend the technika to be the last machine i ever buy.

        The levers are a nice touch and were also a selling point for me, albeit it minor cosmetic one. The hinged tank door is also very handy.

        The rotary profi goes a treat, silent, great coffee, great looks and good steam. The levers release the steam "all at once" which works suprisingly well. However, the steam pressure could be greater, however Im only saying that as i used to work as a barista and was expecting a moderatly similar steam volume. That being said, I can still steam milk for 1 cappucino before the shot ends.

        very happy with the ECM technika


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          I recently went through the purchase process, ended up with a ECM Mechanika profi, and loving it. It has a lift off cup warmer which exposes the water tank and OPV adjustment screw. Also has slightly less depth, which fits my bench better, the internals are the same and build quality spot on.


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            Thanks Rukudo and Seamad,

            Interesting what you say about the steam pressure, Rukudo. I wonder how the Technika and Mechanika compare in this respect to equivalent E61s - the Giotto or Magica.

            Does your Mechanika Profi have levers or knobs, Seamad? And how much smaller is it than the Technika?


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              Alan it has the levers. Looking at them the only noticeable difference is the cup warming part, the mech has wire rails ( SS) whereas the tech has the sides of the machine extended to form the tray.
              IIRC! the mech is about 50 mm shorter depth wise, is wider and shorter heightwise by similiar amounts.
              I make a few pairs of capps in the morning, after i flick the portafilter lever up i fill the milk jug, clear the steam wand and do the milk. Milk and coffe are done around the same time, sometimes the milk first, so i dont have any complaints about steam power. As i havent used other e61 machines i cant compare steam performance though.
              I purchased mine from a non sponsor as i wanted to be in driving distance in case of any problems and servicing, and when i rang them and when they set it up for me at home the rep commented several times on the build quality compared to some italian machines. That could of course be salesman BS, but he seemed pretty honest to me.


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                Hi Seamad

                PM sent to discuss this further.