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Buying a machine in Australia or Europe

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  • Buying a machine in Australia or Europe

    Newbie snob here... We are currently based in London and about to move (back) to Australia (prob Sydney). Should we buy while here, or when in Aus? While normally there's nothing better I love than to research the hell out of a nice piece of equipment, the general logistics of moving has caught up on me so we'd like to get some advice on whether to buy a machine here or Australia.

    Some notes and considerations:
    • The prices in the UK (via ) seem to be cheaper than Aus (via ) for equivalent machines - about 30% roughly. I guess this is because the UK is in the EU and many of the machines are from Italy
    • Warranty, maintenance and support are obviously important - do these tend to be international for well-known brands?
    • We're looking at something around $800 to $2000, with a preference to around A$1600
    • We're shipping quite a few boxes of stuff to Aus, so an extra box for a well-packed machine is not a huge issue
    • We like espresso but love a good flat white or latte, so a powerful, consistent frother that's easily cleaned is a bonus. Not much into filtered etc
    • We have a Bodum Bistro burr grinder, but happy to replace
    • The Rocket machines have come well-recommended and seem to be around £1100 (A$1700)
    • What are the trade-offs of the Rocket models?
    • Any other machines we should be considering?
    • The water is quite hard in the UK whereas it's probably softer in Sydney

    Tips, insults and ponderings all welcome

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    Have you looked into the londinium 1? Malkhonig Vario is a very nice grinder in its price range.


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      You need to contemplate how important a warranty is to you.
      Whilst many machines will have a "worldwide" warranty, that will generally mean that it will cover parts only , or be a "return to manufacturer" based warranty..which could mean shipping costs to you and long turn around time.
      however, the cost benefit of Euro buying is significant.. the Rocket Giotto PP is $2500 here and on some brands the difference is even more ( you can get the 20% VAT deducted too if you really try)


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        Hi popnpod! welcome to CS!
        Have a read of this thread...........
        You would pretty much be doing the same thing as far as different specs and compliance etc.
        It's a hot topic with some people and some think the risk is worth it. Good luck to them.
        You also run the risk of reviving a somewhat circular and polarised argument! ;-)
        My 2c? Buy here.
        It's not always just about the off the shelf sale price, it's also about what happens over the next year or two or three.....
        As far as other machines, it's probably best to check out some sponsor sites, here on CS, to see what's available and to find out what is supported in Aus.
        With the Londinium, mentioned above, if you think it's your cup of tea, 8-D, talk to the manufacturers about their plans to support machines around the globe.

        We might be a relatively small and isolated market but our coffee culture is second to none on the planet, there are some amazing people here
        and a really great network. Be a part of it.

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          Relevant reading here as well. Just a few threads down from yours!


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            Obviously there are a whole range of factors involved in choosing a machine and a grinder and you should read widely on this site.

            There are also quite a few threads about the whole importing issue. It is a bit of a hotly contested topic here - basically it boils down to machines are cheaper overseas vs your warranty may be EU only and technical differences between EU and Aus models might also cause issues when servicing.

            I am an Aussie living in HK and I own a Rocket Giotto which I bought here. I will probably be in HK for the full term of the warranty so that issue was not a concern for me. It was a fair bit cheaper to buy one in HK than in Aus (~$2500 for a Giotto + Mazzer Mini-E grinder combo vs ~$3500 in Aus). One day I will take it back to Aus though, so I wanted to choose a machine that is widely available and serviced in both countries, and the Giotto fitted the bill.