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Help finding company to service company espresso machine

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  • Help finding company to service company espresso machine

    Apologies if this isn't the correct area to ask in but I'm not exactly sure where to put this.

    The office I now work in has a saeco royal cappuccino machine.

    Personally, I don't use it as it really isn't that good. I've tried cleaning it and adjusting some settings but nothing seems to change the output. The key user of the machine has bought some cleaning product that was run through the grinder today but the machine is still not right.

    What I would like is some help or advice on who I can contact to get someone to come and look at/service/setup the machine properly.

    Can anyone recommend one of the forum sponsors? Office location is York St, Sydney.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi there. I am afraid the Royal Cappuccino is a "carry in" repair jobbie, so if you cant deliver it to a service centre, you may need to avail yourself of the office courier system and have it delivered....but I wouldnt do that unless there is an actual malfunction to repair.

    Take a look at the list of sponsors below. A handful of them have sydney offices or are located there. Check their websites or give them a call. If they list saeco machines (Sibonis probably does), perhaps they will do a service call out (for a charge) to set up the machine for you OR, they may book you in to their showroom to do a set up and go through it with you (again for a charge).

    Someone in the office has to be in the know and be responsible for the machine, or the coffee will never be any good (same as with any conventional / non auto machine.

    By the way I would never run anything other than plain, ordinary non oily coffee beans through the grinder of an auto machine. Your cleaning regime for the brew path will pretty much be restricted to the brew mechanism and outlet spouts and not the grinder (unless you are prepared to carefully suck it out occasionally from the top with a vacuum cleaner). You didnt notice any change in the coffee after the cleaner was run through, because the machine is undoubtedly not set up well (grind / dose per bean supply), and the volumetric ratios of coffee to milk may also not be right. There a balance of variables involved to getting the best you can out of your machine.



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      Thanks for that info. Have looked at the sponsors and will pass on the info.

      The guy I sit next to is the main user and has been looking after it. He used Cafetto Grinder Cleaner. Another office has exactly the same machine and that dispenses much better so agree it is the config of what we have. Will see if we can get the machine to a service centre.