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My new Electronika shiny.

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  • My new Electronika shiny.

    Many thanks to our sponsors, sadly you can only buy from one in the end. I had some great offers but ultimately I ended up going with the closest.

    Having spent last 3-4 months playing with my old E61 magister and a Bezzera BZ35 I came to the conclusion that I wanted the best of both worlds i.e. a volumetric E61.

    Would have also preferred a plumbed machine (If you've never had a plumbed water/waste machine all I can say is WOW... convenience amazing...) but in the end backed out as if as expected we end up with a new Kitchen next year I would like the ability to shove it anywhere I wish without worrying about plumbing.

    So here it is (well it's a picture of one.. not mine ).

    It's an ECM E64 Manufacture Electronika Profi. I mulled over the E61/64 choices but ultimately the price won.

    Sadly however.. there's a sad ending to the story :| I picked it up on Australia's hottest day on record (45.8c !!!), and whilst I've pulled a few shots it has somewhat limited my appetite for more... so I'm now looking forward to cooler days and more shots

    Now all I have to do is sell on my old machines to keep the wifey happy lol.
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    Nice machine AG, don't worry cooler weather on the way.

    What type of grinder do you have?


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      My new Electronika shiny.

      I have one of the older mazzer mini electronics. Like it lots apart from the speed...


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        Wow, looks great! Congrats!

        What is an E64 group BTW?

        In hot weather, pour a shot on ice and top up with chilled milk. Yummy and refreshing!



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          Congrats mate. Enjoy!


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            My new Electronika shiny.

            Thoughts are the E64 has less mass and hence likely to be less temperature stable. One of our sponsors (coffeeparts) has a group head breakdown.