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    I bought a new Diadema Unico Splendor less than a week ago, and for me, it was like upgrading from a clapped out Daewoo to a classic Alfa Romeo. Think classic RWD Alfa sports car - not the current crop of FWD Alfas.

    I've read and heard a lot about texturising and stretching milk and creating micro froth/bubbles etc. To me, it all sounded like a load of 'wine tasting'. That was, until last night.

    I made a bog standard flat white. After steaming the generic Woolies-brand standard milk, I poured it over a double-shot, with minimal froth on the top. Nothing fancy.

    First sip - WOW!!

    Right to the very last drop it was the smoothest, silkiest flat white I think I've ever had. It was liquid velvet. I get it. Those micro bubbles make all the difference, but now I'm sounding like one of those wine taster dropkicks.

    For an unskilled person like me to produce a fantastic flat white like that says volumes about the machine that produced it. All I have to do now, is to repeat, repeat, repeat at the same or better standard.


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    Congratulations on the new machine and welcome to Coffee Snobs Jupp, heard lots of good things re the Unico Splendor, enjoy it.


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      Welcome to the club. What grinder are you using?