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ECM Raffaello portafilter?

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  • ECM Raffaello portafilter?

    Hi everyone, starting an overhaul of an ECM Raffaello A1 that a friend picked up very cheap. Needs a thorough descale, regular maintenance wear items, and a group handle. The baskets and blind basket came with the machine, but the handle and tamper is missing. Not having much luck finding ECM parts in Canada, don't really want to import due to delays and brokerage fees, but wondering what other brand portafilters would fit this group? Any idea of the gasket dimensions, or the proper tamper diameter so I can kit this out properly?
    I put it through its paces and all the settings seem to be where they should be. A descaling, backflush, shower screen, gaskets and o-rings should set it right if I can find a group handle for it! Astra M group in Toronto has lots of choices but nothing specifically for ECM. What do you all think?
    Best Regards

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    Hi Dave,

    The Raffaello is an e-61 machine and a very nice one at that. As such, any e-61 portafilter will be fine. You will need a 58mm tamper.

    Happy descaling and I hope your machine delivers much pleasure.


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      Yowch! Tough bugger to get out. I wonder when this was last backflushed. I'm guessing Never?

      Outer gasket is 72x57x8 (last number is width: anyone know what height I should be looking for? Or should I experiment with a few heights once I get a group handle in?)

      Cheers Talkcoffee, this is my second espresso machine ever and I am having a lot of fun figuring them out. Methinks I'll have to scout one out and keep it around to put a fine edge to my skills. Will be hard to find a deal like this though, friend picked this one up for $250CDN!
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        Wow. Phone calls to Astra and Espressotec did not go the way I'd hoped.

        Did learn though, that this is not an e61 group head. This is a commercial Raffaello A1 from 2003. The Rocket is apparently a heavy-duty home unit and the current version of ECM (allegedly) does not support machines from the pre-2005 version of the company.

        Back to the drawing board - will have to keep looking for N.American suppliers and hope I find one as I imagine looking to Europe for parts will make it very difficult to minimize downtime on this machine.


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          Parts manager at Espressoparts has NO sources for pre-bankruptcy commercial ECM parts... ZILCH

          This machine is less than 10 years old and cost close to $6000! If we had bought this machine new....

          Edit: I got ahold of a guy in BC who has a source for parts. Ironically, the company is (not affiliated with ECM) a Nuova Simonelli dealer...

          Very friendly and knowledgeable! I think we have a winner. Will put my order in and see how it goes.

          Whew! Thought we had an albatross on our hands.
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            The group, while not an E61 design, is machined to accept a standard E61 group handle which is I think what Talk Coffee was referring to. As such, E61 replacement group seals and handles will fit.


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              If it's alright, I'd like to post a link to the parts book for my machine. It starts with the group head, but sadly does not picture the group handle or baskets.


              The group gasket is 72x57x8 and the shower screen o-ring that sits between the group housing and brass diffuser is a 52x2.5 EPDM. If the group handle design is e61 based, that's great news! Lots of confusion when I described the group head to people on the phone; sadly this machine never came with a group handle in the first place so it's hard to figure out what was supposed to go in there. Are there standard measurement points in the group head for determining size?


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                I decided to remove the group head and go to various stockists in my area to match one up. I was able to find a naked portafilter to meet my needs at the low end of my budget. Still trying to find someone in Canada to supply repair parts, as brokerage fees and delays will add $100 and several weeks to my order. But it's been a lot of fun and I decided to put in an offer on a NS Mac single group I found in the local classifieds for $300! If it's in rebuildable shape I can either resell it or offer it as a loaner/rental for future rebuild projects. Still pricing everything out and should have a quote in by Monday/Tuesday.
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                  Some action shots. Cleaned, descaled and polished the group. Descaling the boiler, one more soak should do it. Shower screen and dispersion plate soaked in JoeGlo, did a fantastic job. Having a tougher time with the element. I've just got it sitting in a 1L plastic container with a pretty strong solution of phosphoric acid descaler, several times stronger than the recommended ratio. It's been sitting in it several days and there's quite a lot of scale pieces still clinging tightly to it, but I don't want to breach the copper and end up with a water short. What ratio do you guys normally use for this? Should I be thinking about a glass bead blaster in the near future?
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