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Help needed with over heating Wega Mininova Classic

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  • Help needed with over heating Wega Mininova Classic

    Hi All,

    I'm having trouble with my Wega Mininova Classic where the power goes out to the heating element 5 - 10 minutes after reaching full pressure.

    I'ts got a small leak around the element seal so the heat will switch on/off every minute or so trying to keep the boiler pressure up. After 5 - 10 minutes, usually just after the pressurestat turns the heat off, I hear a click from the control box which I assume is a relay switching and then that’s it, all over, no heat, dropping boiler pressure, many tears.

    The power on indicator in the switch is still on and after the machine cools down it will work again.

    I thought this may be a dodgy heating element protection thermostat which on this machine can't be reset. I unscrewed it from the element and placed it away from heat and ran the machine again with no change.

    I spoke to the service guys at Genovese today and they think it's the control board but I don't see that, only because it will reset itself and then go back to normal. This feels like a more mechanical failure but I'm lost on where I should start looking.

    Any ideas?? Good karma will come to anyone who can help.

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    Have seen similar to this when the anti vac valve spits water over the electrics and shuts down the machine. Anti vac valves are cheap so could be a good place to start. Also where are you located there are some sponsors that are very good and honest for repairs if needed.


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      My guess would be the control board as well. Most likely the transformer failing (open circuit) when it has expanded, then when it cools and contracts it works again.


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        Glad you replied Rick you are one of the sponsors i was referring to,you fixed my machine couple of years ago with a similar problem. Highly recommended.


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          Help needed with over heating Wega Mininova Classic

          Thanks guys, I was able to find a thread on another coffee site and it seems that a failed transformer is not a uncommon fault on the mininova machines.

          Anyway I have ordered a replacement from element14 (was Farnell's) which should arrive tomorrow, fingers crossed I'll be back in business.

          Thanks again.


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            Help needed with over heating Wega Mininova Classic

            The new transformer has done the trick. It was a bit fiddly desoldering it from the board, would have been easier if I had a solder sucker or solder braid.

            It's been running for a couple of months without missing a beat.

            It took all of 10 minutes to complete and cost me under $25. Would have been better if it didn't take me 3 days to diagnose the problem...

            But now my grinder has packed it in. Looks like it's time for a Mazza Super Jolly....