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Help with a beeping Simona Top

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  • Help with a beeping Simona Top

    For a long time now I have been the happy, proud owner of a Simona Top. I have repaired it several times and with a bit of TLC it has continued make fantastic coffee and steam but.... its getting old now and it is really becoming difficult to find parts.

    Last week we decided to look for an update and have decided on the ECM Technika IV (that’s another story which I will not go into here).

    The Problem – As if it has ears, the Simona has now begun to play up. I want to keep it going until we bring home the Technika so any help to identify what is going on would be appreciated.

    For the last three mornings we have been woken up to the thing beeping when the timer switches it on at 5:30. Usually that means that the water level is low, however the water tank has been full.

    I can get the machine going eventually by repeatedly turning it off and on but when it is functioning normally, the pump activates for a while, followed by the machine going into a heat mode to bring the boiler to temperature and then pressure. ( I replaced the pump about 2 months ago)

    These morning when the beeping was happening, I switch it off and then on which activates the pump, but instead of a strong pumping sound, it is weak and sounds like it is struggling to get started - then it shuts the process down and begins to beep.

    Eventually, after I switch on and off a few times it goes into heat mode, pressurizes and gets ready to make coffee as normal.

    Any hints to keep the Simona alive just a bit longer?

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    When I first got my Simona Top it was doing similar things to yours. The electronics unit co-ordinates everything in the machine. I replaced the electronics and it came good.

    Considering the weirdness of your problem, I would suggest something on the electronics unit has failed.

    On that topic, I need some of the hardware replaced in mine, and Brugnetti have stopped supporting that model.

    If you were at a point of getting rid of it for parts I would be interested in buying it from you.

    Let me know how you go.


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      I have a Simona too, and its a great little machine.

      Generally, as you say, the beeping refers to low water level, detected by an open circuit between the two sensors fitted low down on the water tank.

      Theoretically, the electronic brain could be getting the same message (open circuit) if:
      - the filtered water you might use lacks conductivity (some people find this is rectified by adding some tap water)
      - the terminals in the water are oxidized (worth a clean)
      - the leads that attach to the tank terminals are oxidized, (worth a clean)
      - the leads themselves are old, heat effected, and could be replaced.

      I would start with these simple checks, as it sounds like the machine is otherwise working well.

      All electronic "spade" connectors are susceptible to oxidesation, especially around heat and moisture, and can usually be easily restored with a spray of "electronic contact cleaner" from Jaycar.

      Good luck with it!