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ECM Giotto Repalcing the Gicar control box help

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  • ECM Giotto Repalcing the Gicar control box help

    I am currently trying to source a Gicar Micro ST Safety Pump for my ECM Giottto. I have narrowed my problem down to this as when i turn the machine on i get nothing - cant pull cold water even, pump wont engage and definitely not boiler. Green light comes on though!

    I noticed something weird that i had a ground wire that seemed to normally go to the water inlet area has been snipped and not connected to anything? in some other posts i have seen some connected to he water inlet thingy.

    Thought that might be something.

    Has anyone got any other ideas or is this just the big expense of replacing the Gicar and hoping that was the problem?

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    Originally posted by Argy_Bargy View Post
    i had a ground wire that seemed to normally go to the water inlet area has been snipped and not connected to anything
    Who snipped it? Why? Did the machine work previously? No ground connection from the board to the water inlet would tell the board that there is no water, and thus no heat and no pump. BUT it is hard to say with any certainty and further testing is warranted to diagnose the fault. Suggest taking the machine to a professional if you are unsure.


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      Hello Argy,

      The Gicar was superseded quite some years ago by the current Proelind board and I doubt you will find the specific RL30 required for your machine. I havent seen one for at least 5 years- so unless someone has one gathering dust somewhere, you're unlikely to have any success. The current protocol is to replace with the new board. In some cases, upgrade of the wiring loom is required as well. To swap over, you will need to upgrade.

      As per Rick, the best bet may be to have a professional look over your machine.
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        Great help guys - just interested to know how the ground connects to the water inlet area? - to the same point as the sensor attachment?
        I believed it did work before as it is but now i can be too sure since opening and maybe it had just broken off?



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          OK. If the water level sensor isn't "closed loop" then your machine won't do jack. It basically thinks it's got no water in it.

          From memory, the plastic water tank receiver should have a grounded centre pole. on the side of the 'cup' should be another wire which goes to your control box.

          When I received my giotto (used), someone had rigged the ground straight to the water level wire on the side of that cup. Clearly to disable the water level sensor entirely.

          I have a wire from the centre pole of the 'cup' (under the giotto), leading back in to the case, grounding where the other wires ground on the chassis.


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            @Argy_Bargy - How did this turn out? I have the exact same problem. I also only have one wire (blue) going from tank to control box. No ground connected to the tank.