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Looking for an upgrade $2000 new or old machines

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  • Looking for an upgrade $2000 new or old machines

    Hey Guys, I decided to part with my ECM Botticelli and dive deeper into the world of coffee.

    I was kind of leaning towards a VBM domobar junior. As reviews seem to have commented that the espresso extraction is pretty darn good. But that's not to say I'm not open to other suggestions. Heck if you know of any awesome second deals I would mind getting my hands on a secondhand Giotto or similar.

    I'm not really looking to get a plumbed in model or a DB, Just as long it is a 58mm and can pre-infuse. But heck all suggestions are welcome.


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    I just got my hands on a VBM Domobar Super 2nd hand for $1300. I'll admit that I need to clean it up a tad but at that price I'm more than happy to pay $100 - $200 to get it re-polished and re-paint the frames.

    Internally it is working perfectly and could probably do with a descale and clean.

    I've upgraded from a Bezzera BZ35e so I'm more than happy to say I haven't pulled a good shot yet on this VBM but I'm sure with some practice, trial and error I'll be doing something special in no time! It's a huge difference from the BZ35 which is making it hard for me. All in all I chose the Domobar because it looks great, it's an e61 machine and I heard some great reviews also.


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      Thanks for the reply mate. In the end I bit the bullet and bought a Giotto Premium Plus v2 lol.