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Lelit or diadema or breville

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  • Lelit or diadema or breville

    Hi all,
    Please help me, I cannot decide on which machine to get.
    1. Lelit PL60L v2
    2. Diadema PUL semi auto
    3. Breville db 900
    Thanks for your time and input!

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    Welcome Stephen,
    You'll find it easier to get help if you provide some details about likely usage pattern (how many coffees per day, largely milk based?, how many back to back coffees do you need to make, budget?, do you already have decent grinder?). Otherwise people are flying blind (doesn't stop everyone, mind you).


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      Sorry, I've have a sunbeam 6910 and grinder at the moment and want to upgrade as I love coffee. I mostly drink milk base (still enjoy having an expresso coffee) and have up to 3 to 4 cups a day. Occasionally make more than one cup at a time but usually just me (partner doesn't drink coffee!)
      I need a machine with quick 'heat up' because I start work very early in the morning.
      I would prefer to be able to froth the milk and pour at the same time.
      Plus, like everyone else, I love a great tasting cup of coffee.
      I'm also up grading my grinder as well.
      Thanks again


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        Originally posted by Gtr View Post
        ...Please help me, I cannot decide on which machine to get.
        1. Lelit PL60L v2
        2. Diadema PUL semi auto
        3. Breville db 900

        Commercial Interest: Importer of Diadema machines.

        Welcome to CS Stephen, and thank you for including our PUL model in your list.

        I dont know that the three are directly comparable to eachother. That they all make great coffee and perform really well wont be an issue, and perhaps the Lelit and Brevile are the closest to eachother in that (as far as I know) they are domestic classification (albeit very technical and pushing the high end) machines, while the Diadema is the base model (meaning nice price) in our range of heat exchanger ("HX") machines of semi commercial classification, design and build. Last time I checked it weighed in at roughly 22 kilos.

        You should visit a sponsor if you can, and compare them in the flesh. Its not just about the coffee, but the feel of the "total package" while you are using it. You'll find the feel of the Diadema is certainly "commercial". Think about things for example, like when you apply the group handle to the group....with the weight of the machine, it is less likely to move around on the bench. This stuff is all important to compare and make the right decision for you. Also ask questions about longevity, reliability and think about how you may feel about "upgrading" in the future to help you make your choice. If you feel you may want to upgrade to a semi commercial type machine in the future, then in defence of the will already be there without taking an extra step in between (costing extra money long term).

        There are a multitude of things for you to think about.

        We can also help you choose a great matching grinder.

        Good luck.

        very first CS site sponsor.