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VBM Junior Problem

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  • VBM Junior Problem

    Hey all,
    Just posting for some advice, got my VBM Junior back early 2010, it has been a fantastic machine and in that time has not missed a beat. However, in the last few weeks i have had to stop using it completely as it seems to be having problems holding boiler temperature. The boiler fills and heats as per-normal however in the dial does not quite hit the 1.5 bars anymore and it does not hold temperature, the needle will start to fall almost right away after a boil cycle and it will be re-boiling within 3 mins. If i turn on the steam or run water though the group it will need to boil almost right away. I am thinking it is the thermostat that is gone? at any rate by my own admission i have been away a fair bit over the last year and have not been keeping up with the anti-scale methods as well as i should have been, i am sure it has probably knocked something out. i think i am going to get it a good old service. but any ideas on what the problem is is much appreciated.


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    Hello dd,

    At 3 years from purchase, it's certainly time for a service.

    FWIW, sounds to me like your machine is actually doing what it should. If your selling dealer set the pressurestat to 1.5bar, it's way too high and should be adjusted. This and any other matters should be routine work for any competent tech.