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ecm giotto need advice on repairs

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  • ecm giotto need advice on repairs

    i have a ecm giotto classic which i brought 02/03 which has stopped heating and building pressure,the pump is working and pumps to the group head from what i have read on here it could be the control board it has burn marks on top of it but dont know if its from other things nearby it getting hot when it was starting to play up my problem is i cant afford to put it in as funds are short at the moment and am trying to see if its possible to fix myself jetblack espresso has them online for the classic but reading other posts it is recomended to update the board so i dont know which way to go now. Kevin

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    Hello Kevin,

    I am sorry to hear that.

    If it's not the element or over temp. cutout, it will be the board. With a machine of your age, you will need a new wiring loom as well.

    My advice is to have this work done by an approved tech. If you do it yourself, you have no warranty on any bits required.

    Good luck with the repair.




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      thanks Chris its looking more like i will be handing it over to someone that has the knowledge on these things instead of a diy if thats the case,electrics are out of my department thank you.Kevin


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        I ended up digging around in there myself and as i said the pump works and there is power to the element but does not heat up should i go ahead and buy a new element or is there another reason it is not heating up even though it has power to it,after i pulled the element out and cleaned the boiler level probe the pump started pumping water to the boiler which it wasnt doing before so am i up for a new heating element do you think.kevin


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          Time for a new element Kevin


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            thanks chris i thought so but thought it would be wise to run it past a expert as you are in case there was something else, i appreciate your advice it has been a lot easier on the wallet with your knowledge of the giotto,next question can you recommend the best place to get one.cheers kevin