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BZ99 Overpowering Puck and Chanelling

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  • BZ99 Overpowering Puck and Chanelling

    Trying to overcome this new to me machine chanelling - 4
    months now.
    Have chased it to now and feel the grind / tamp is over fine & too heavy tamp
    as I feel the temp is on the high side and therefore pressure is on high side as well.

    Where I'm at at present is producing far better results than Ive experienced before -
    in early days learning this machine and we're I've come from with low spec consumer machines.

    And better than what I get 7/10 times when out & around on business and getting my hit
    at any chosen Cafe.
    Yes you soon identify the high range good cafe's that care and produce consistent good shots.

    I am at present well into a good range with grind and tamp.
    Adjustable and can predict the effect of any change made.

    However feel the grind is too fine ultimately and resulting in what i think is overly strong
    So i want to try bringing down the current temp setting to see if the shot delivers a
    lighter result.
    Any assistance appreciated.