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Bezzera BZ35 DE fault

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  • Bezzera BZ35 DE fault

    Hi All,

    I switch on my machine and it heats up and functions as normal, but after a while (can be 30mins or 2hrs+) it cuts out.
    It will be sitting idle with the heating element cycling on/off as required, when I hear the relay click and the green power and orange heating lights go out.
    The light of the main power button stays lit, but none of the buttons on the touchpad will operate.
    If I leave it in this state it will eventually 'click' back on and then off again at will.
    But if I switch it off for a couple of minutes and then back on it generally works.
    It was mainly happening when it was idle, but I've now had it happen twice mid pour (very frustrating!).
    I replaced the relay thinking that was a cheap and simple place to start, but the fault remains.
    Any suggestions?


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    As soon as you say the keypad turns on and off I automatically am thinking control box. If it was an issue with the element generally it would trip your safety switch in the house so I would cancel that off the list.

    Does the relay 'click' then as soon as it clicks the touchpad doesn't work or does it just randomly with no signs or sounds go unresponsive.

    Possibly a faulty thermostat? Maybe it's overheating and it goes into a safety mode. I'm just thinking out aloud here.


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      Faulty transformer on the control board, goes open circuit when the ambient temp is high enough then works again when it drops